Make a Sale by Cash, Credit, and Account in QuickBooks POS

How to Make a QuickBooks Point of Sale Credit Card Sale

Did you promote your business at Austin’s SXSW this year? No matter what type of business you’re in, one payment method is widely used across the board: credit and debit card payments. With QuickBooks POS, you can easily accept a credit card payment and our free series of POS training videos shows you how.

rom the Navigator screen, select “Make a Scale”. You can either use your barcode scanner to enter items into QuickBooks POS, or you may also just select products from your “Scan or enter item information” drop down menu at the top of the screen. If the customer you’re conversing with isn’t already in your system, you may select “Add a New Customer” from the drop down menu to the right. At the bottom of the screen, a SubTotal, Tax, and Total and Total Amount Due will tell you how much the customer owes after ringing up their sales.

At this point, click the “Credit” button from your options of Cash, Credit, Debit, Check, Gift, and Amount. Here, you’ll select a card type and amount. If you have a card scanner, swiping the card will automatically enter all of this information into POS. If you need your customer to sign one copy of a credit card receipt, you’ll want to “Save and Print” two copies of the receipt, but if not, select “Save Only”.

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