Managing Through POS

Who would have thought you could use your point of sale software as an effective management tool? QuickBooks takes its role in the information age very seriously, and its products are known for their advanced functions. QuickBooks POS software is no exception, and it takes multitasking very seriously. As a manager or small business owner, you have to wear multiple hats throughout the day, and it’s important for your software to keep up with you. QuickBooks does more than keep up, however. It allows managers to handle diverse tasks from a single system. These additional functions are far from superfluous, though. Each one makes QuickBooks POS serve as a point of sale system more efficiently. Its manager-friendly design, however, is no accident.

Inventory Management

Businesses have a lot of moving parts, and no parts move quite so quickly as inventory. Effectively managing your inventory requires detailed item history. It also demands efficient management of bulk orders. Then, of course, you must track and study trends in order to maximize profits and reorder the best products. This complex web of functions makes inventory management an endless, frustrating task for any store owner or manager. A simple error can create a significant loss of profit, and inaccurate inventory information can drive away repeat customers. To make matters even more complicated, your POS system needs to keep pace with your inventory. Without real time numbers, your point of sale cannot operate at peak efficiency, and your inventory will become inaccurate after every sale.

While most current generation POS systems allow some overlap between inventory management and POS software, QuickBooks POS goes a step beyond. With QuickBooks, you can track your inventory as it arrives, properly organize it, and even track it as it ships out again. All of these features come with every version of QuickBooks POS. Combined with QuickBooks’ other user-friendly functions, these features provide unparalleled inventory management that you can use without leaving your point of sale. QuickBooks even has software designed specifically for those who must manage inventory across multiple stores. Like the other programs, you can handle multi-store inventory from your point of sale. This is especially important, since small businesses can rarely afford the staff needed to keep workers, both behind the scenes and behind the register during an average workday.

Payroll and Commissions

Your employees keep your business up and running. They are the faces that represent your business, and they are your most valuable assets. To keep the best employees, you need to manage payroll and sales commissions, very carefully. Great service deserves great pay. However, you may not have as much time as you would like to go over the numbers and ensure everyone is getting their fair wages. Hourly pay is complicated enough without the added concerns of commission payouts and bonuses.

With QuickBooks POS, you don’t have to leave the register in order to get ahead on payroll. QuickBooks POS works with accounting and bookkeeping software to make payroll a breeze, even if you pay commission. You can track both hourly pay and commissions through your POS system. If you use accounting software from QuickBooks, you can actually automate payroll. It’s easy to double check the numbers without leaving your front desk unattended, and giving your employees their dues is easier than ever.

Built-in Reports

Built-in reports help guide business decisions, and provide key information for future development. They tell you what customers are most profitable to work with, which products draw the most repeat sales, and how your business is performing. Reports are like a checkup for your business. They can be horribly time-consuming, though, and if there’s one thing small business owners are always short on, it’s time. Going without regular reports forces you to operate blindly, however. You may miss great opportunities and waste critical funds on underperforming products.

QuickBooks POS provides the solution to this problem. Rather than eating up time, QuickBooks provides over fifty reports you can run effortlessly. It’s easy to set up custom reports, as well, in case you need an answer to an unusual question. All of these reports run through your POS. Since QuickBooks ties vital functions like inventory management and employee payroll into its POS system, the software is uniquely suited to create a variety of reports. It sees across departments, and funnels information into a single, easy to use interface. With QuickBooks POS, you can do business and learn how to improve next month’s profit margins from the same workstation.

Managing a store, or several, is no easy task. With QuickBooks POS, however, you can fulfill multiple roles and complete behind the scenes tasks without ever leaving your front of house. Your POS can provide everything from inventory management to payroll control and reporting tools. QuickBooks POS software is designed to, not only be the best POS software, but also the most management friendly.

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