Meet the Fourlane Partners: Kat Roskovics

Meet the Fourlane Partners: Kat Roskovics, PMP

Kat Roskovics, PMP, a partner at Fourlane, manages a high-performing team of software consultants. She assists retail and nonprofit clients with software selection and service consults. Additionally, Kat is often the “first line of defense” when a client is having trouble with their files and doesn’t know what to do next.

Q: At Fourlane, you oversee retail and nonprofit clients. Regarding nonprofits, we hear that charitable donations are up, yet more people need services than ever. What are the best two to three ways a nonprofit can financially weather turbulent times?

Kat: Any time I meet with a client looking more closely at cash flow, we start with trimming unnecessary expenses. An example would be those monthly subscriptions that aren’t being utilized and could be cut. Those small charges add up!

Having good metrics is key on an ongoing basis, especially when you’re trying to determine what programs to keep or where to reallocate funds. What programs are successful? Which have the most impact? And most importantly, which drive the most donations? Are all of the programs in alignment with the core purpose of the organization?

Q: How do you advise nonprofits to handle the reporting aspects of nano-giving with something like a GoFundMe account?

Kat: That’s a good question. GoFundMe is just one of many platforms that charitable organizations use to raise money; these groups can access either a free or paid platform, and there is reporting on the type of funds received and donor information. That donor information piece is critical for re-engagement of donors, while other platforms do not give charitable organizations access to this valuable information.

As with any outside platform, you want to make sure you have a plan in place for how you are going to book donations received. At Fourlane, we walk clients through the development of that process to ensure they can get the best possible reporting.

Q: How are nonprofits making greater use of donor-advised funds?

Kat: Making greater use of the funds you have means spending those funds more wisely. With the significant shift we’ve seen in employees working remotely, rent and occupancy expenses are being reduced, which means more of the funds donated are going to program support. I recently wrote an article about donor-advised funds; check it out for more information.

Q: Now, let’s shift gears to retail. Online sales are only likely to explode in the future, even as brick-and-mortar retreats. What are several issues facing retailers right now?

Kat: You have to find ways to continue to connect with customers on a deeper level, even on a virtual. For example, I’ve seen many smaller retailers doing Instagram Live events to show new merchandise that was then available online for purchase. With all the changes happening day-to-day from mandated reopening plans, staff availability and more, having the ability to pivot to those other ways to connect with customers is even more important.

Q: How can retailers address supply-chain disruptions caused by the pandemic?

Kat: Having a plan for how your business will handle supply chain disruptions is crucial, but so is keeping a better pulse on your inventory levels. What are your top selling items? How many weeks’ worth of those items should you have on hand? Should you consider dropping some products to have more capital in order to buy higher quantities of those top sellers? QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Point of Sale both have features that can help you set reorder points and auto-create purchase orders, so that you can stay ahead of demand.

Q: As Fourlane’s very first employee, you have see the business change in many ways. Describe the growth of the company, and what is the best part about your job?

Kat: It’s been amazing to start with a company that met around our CEO’s kitchen table – and where we are today. From the beginning, we were all working toward the shared goal of positively impacting the daily lives of our clients. The variety of projects, clients, goals and processes keeps me engaged in every project and in making sure every one is successful.

Q: When you’re not working, what are some of your favorite hobbies and interests?

Kat: Spending time outdoors with my husband and four children, or trying out a new recipe.


You can contact Kat at [email protected], or contact her via her LinkedIn profile here. Want to learn more about Fourlane and the services we offer? Click here to contact us today! For easier QuickBooks imports, exports and more, visit Transaction Pro.

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