The 8 Most Requested Features For QuickBooks Enterprise 2019


We are roughly 4 months away from the September release of QuickBooks 2019 and it promises to be an exciting upgrade.

We’ve gathered the most-requested features from our clients.

Landed Costs


Landed cost is the total price of a product or shipment once it has arrived at a buyer’s doorstep. The landed cost includes the original purchase price, transportation and shipping fees, customs, taxes, duties, insurance. It is basically the absolute total cost of getting a product to your customer.

Landed costs are particularly important for companies that import goods from abroad, or drop-ship from a foreign country. They allow the business to fully understand their margins, and price their product more accurately.

We get asked very frequently how to do landed costs in QuickBooks, and unfortunately it is not built in to the software. Our clients are hoping that QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 has this capability.

Pick, Pack, Ship


As of right now, QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to “pick” the item. But it can’t do packing or shipping. We frequently build third-party integrations for customers who want their packing and shipping to track inside of QuickBooks.

Since so many businesses are adding online stores, and many of our customers are online only, performing packing and shipping in QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 would be a huge selling point for many customers. This is a feature that many ERP systems have, and we know that including this feature will help keep clients in QuickBooks longer.

Search Field In Every Window


It would be great if every window had a “Search” bar where one could enter an alphabetical character and the page would scroll to that section on the list. 

As of right now, this type of search in only on a few pages, not every page. It is so convenient, I would love to see it applied everywhere.

Diane Offutt, EA, MAcc, NTPI Fellow, Managing Partner at Accounting Connections

Multiple Vendors Tied to A Single Item

This is a very convenient feature that exists in QuickBooks POS, but not QuickBooks Enterprise. Our clients are really hoping it will be included in QuickBooks Enterprise 2019!

In QuickBooks POS you typically have a “Primary Vendor” that is tied to a particular product. This is where you put the cost of the product. However, QuickBooks POS also allows you to put 3 other alternate vendors, in case your primary vendor is out of stock, or changes their pricing.

We’re not sure why QuickBooks Enterprise doesn’t offer this feature, but it is requested a lot and would make many of our clients lives much easier!

An “Undo” Button


It would be great to have an easy way to remove a quickly spotted typo. We all make mistakes, and often we spot them quickly, so an “undo” button would be ideal.

Gwen Gore, Gore Business Solutions

An “Collapse” Feature

“Collapse” button to work on the Trial Balance page would be great!

Carol Henson, Howe & Company

In-Software Condense Feature


Many of our customers, especially those who are rapidly growing, have ballooning file sizes which creates sluggishness and more frequent crashes. We recommend condensing a file when it over 1.5gb, but we’ve seen clients with file sizes as large as 12gb!

For this reason, many of our clients are hoping QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 will have a built-in file condense feature. This feature could be built in a number of different ways, but would most likely condense old, or un-accessed, historical data, while keeping your move recent, relevant data in its entirety.

Improved Process For Sales Receipt Entry


The process of entering Sales Receipts slowed down substantially with the new  user interface. Now you are required to go from tabbing to the next field to using the arrow key to select the payment type, then hitting Enter to get to the drop down menu to select the credit card, and hitting Enter again to get rid of the credit card dialog box and proceed to the Date field.

From there, you can resume tabbing to each field normally and whiz through entering the remainder of the transaction. You can edit the form to remove the columns that aren’t relevant to the business, but you can’t bypass this part of  the Sales Receipt. This adds a ton of time for bookkeepers and operations professionals.

I would love to see a “classic” mode that enables the old, much easier, method of entry!

Cynthia Hanna, American Tech Pro Solutions

Which features are you most hoping to see in the 2019 release of QuickBooks Enteprise?


About Marjorie Adams

Our head QuickBooks trainer and guru, Marjorie Adams, is Founder and CEO of Fourlane, Inc., an award-winning consulting firm and Intuit’s #1 QuickBooks Reseller Partner. Fourlane’s team of experts offers several QuickBooks oriented services including consulting, training, programming, integration, and more. Over the years, Fourlane has helped over 10,000 customers across many different industries with their QuickBooks accounting software. Marjorie Adams is considered one of the top QuickBooks trainers in the country. She was listed on CPA Practice Advisor’s 40 Under 40 in 2014 & 2015, and has been recognized as Intuitive Accountant’s 2015 QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor of the Year. Marjorie sits on Intuit’s VIP Program, is a frequent contributor to Inuit Accountants News Central, and has developed Intuit’s QuickBooks Enterprise Certification training. She has also been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, American Express Open, the Huffington Post, and Inc. Magazine.

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12 thoughts on “The 8 Most Requested Features For QuickBooks Enterprise 2019

  1. Shafiq says:

    I want following features to added in quickbooks enterprise.
    1. Invoice row and column calculated fields along with custom calculations for discount column, taxes and other.
    2. Vendor Bill print should be customizable like invoice.
    3. Payslips should also be customizable.
    4. Users security at bank level is offered in quickbooks current version which should be extended to assets, liabilities, income, expenses and more importantly on classes.
    5. I like quickbooks too much due to its flexibility however if a working for approval of invoice, vendor bills and journal voucher is added it will be a robust add-on.
    For multiple locations synchronization should be added similarly as is offered in quickbooks POS for multi store.
    6. Database is a flat file based which may be changed to real client server along with read write table access through various APIs enabling clients to design custom reports etc.
    7. This is one of the best accounting software in the world which should be extended towards ERP

  2. As an accountant in “always sunny” Seattle, I would like to see the ability to make global changes to the chart of accounts using the Paste Excel button found on customers, vendors, and items or products and services. That way, I can easily fix clients mistakes in mass instead of having to go into each account and edit them one-by-one while waiting for Godot.

    Keith Gormezano, Dr. Quick Books, Inc.

  3. Arturo Bonifacio says:

    I’ve been using Quickbooks since yr 2001 and still wanting these features as follows;
    1. Receive Item module should be CUSTOMIZABLE (same as customer invoice)
    2. Add “ISSUANCE” module or template for consumable inventory items (those not merchandise goods)
    3. Add “EMPLOYEE ADVANCES” module or template (customizable)
    4. Write Check/ Bill Payment should be CUSTOMIZABLE

  4. First Equipment says:

    Block a transaction if a customer is overdue by a certain amount of time or money and combination.

  5. Linda says:

    I work for a company that works all over the state of Kentucky. I would love it if QuickBooks would set up a feature in payroll that allows these withholdings to be individually tied to a specific wage i.e. Berea W/Holding tied only to Berea Wages. QuickBooks does not allow this option. It withholds on every location based on gross wages. I do weekly payroll & have to zero out all of the local withholdings and calculate & enter manually on each employee each week. I have used QuickBooks for over 20 years and love the software, but the payroll function could use some upgrading.

  6. It would be ever so nice, if Quick books desktop could also be on line OR synced with QB online. So nice.

  7. MATT GRANT says:

    One click to re-sort all lists! It is such a pain to open every single list and re-sort them one at a time!

  8. abduallah says:

    If They Add Arabic Language It Will Be Great And Tax(vat) In PO

  9. Tim Morris says:

    The 2 features I have “dreamed” about for many years now are as follows:
    1. A quantity field whereby one can track stocks such that the same field is printed on the Balance sheet. With the advent of being able to input stock purchase / sales etc QBs to also have a running total of the amount of shares on hand at any given point
    2. That the class option be visible in the check register rather than having to use either the “split” or edit option
    3. An UNDO feature which be a handy option as well

  10. Arthur F. Oliveira says:

    One feature I have dreamed off and suggested Intuit many times would be better inventory capabilities, particularly related to item kits. Groups are very limited and having to manually build assemblies one item by item is just unfeasible.

    Additionally, I think a FIND function (CTRL F) would be awesome for reports. This is specially true when you are having to scroll down a massive amount of data when searching for a single transaction….

  11. The ability to only print selective items on the Packing Slip. A packing slip should only contain just that; items that are packed. They usually contain handling charges, shipping costs, etc., though since they are converted to an invoice. It doesn’t look ‘neat’ for the customer checking items off on receipt.

  12. Joshua Dame says:

    The ability to select multiple locations/bins for one item on a pick list

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