The 8 Most Requested Features For QuickBooks Enterprise 2019

We are roughly 4 months away from the September release of QuickBooks 2019 and it promises to be an exciting upgrade.

We’ve gathered the most-requested features from our clients.

Landed Costs


Landed cost is the total price of a product or shipment once it has arrived at a buyer’s doorstep. The landed cost includes the original purchase price, transportation and shipping fees, customs, taxes, duties, insurance. It is basically the absolute total cost of getting a product to your customer.

Landed costs are particularly important for companies that import goods from abroad, or drop-ship from a foreign country. They allow the business to fully understand their margins, and price their product more accurately.

We get asked very frequently how to do landed costs in QuickBooks, and unfortunately it is not built in to the software. Our clients are hoping that QuickBooks Enterprise has this capability.

Pick, Pack, Ship


As of right now, QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to “pick” the item. But it can’t do packing or shipping. We frequently build third-party integrations for customers who want their packing and shipping to track inside of QuickBooks.

Since so many businesses are adding online stores, and many of our customers are online only, performing packing and shipping in QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 would be a huge selling point for many customers. This is a feature that many ERP systems have, and we know that including this feature will help keep clients in QuickBooks longer.

Search Field In Every Window

It would be great if every window had a “Search” bar where one could enter an alphabetical character and the page would scroll to that section on the list. 

As of right now, this type of search in only on a few pages, not every page. It is so convenient, I would love to see it applied everywhere.

Diane Offutt, EA, MAcc, NTPI Fellow, Managing Partner at Accounting Connections

Multiple Vendors Tied to A Single Item

This is a very convenient feature that exists in QuickBooks POS, but not QuickBooks Enterprise. Our clients are really hoping it will be included in QuickBooks Enterprise 2019!

In QuickBooks POS you typically have a “Primary Vendor” that is tied to a particular product. This is where you put the cost of the product. However, QuickBooks POS also allows you to put 3 other alternate vendors, in case your primary vendor is out of stock, or changes their pricing.

We’re not sure why QuickBooks Enterprise doesn’t offer this feature, but it is requested a lot and would make many of our clients lives much easier!

An “Undo” Button


It would be great to have an easy way to remove a quickly spotted typo. We all make mistakes, and often we spot them quickly, so an “undo” button would be ideal.

Gwen Gore, Gore Business Solutions


An “Collapse” Feature

“Collapse” button to work on the Trial Balance page would be great!

Carol Henson, Howe & Company


In-Software Condense Feature


Many of our customers, especially those who are rapidly growing, have ballooning file sizes which creates sluggishness and more frequent crashes. We recommend condensing a file when it over 1.5gb, but we’ve seen clients with file sizes as large as 12gb!

For this reason, many of our clients are hoping QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 will have a built-in file condense feature. This feature could be built in a number of different ways, but would most likely condense old, or un-accessed, historical data, while keeping your move recent, relevant data in its entirety.

Improved Process For Sales Receipt Entry

The process of entering Sales Receipts slowed down substantially with the new  user interface. Now you are required to go from tabbing to the next field to using the arrow key to select the payment type, then hitting Enter to get to the drop down menu to select the credit card, and hitting Enter again to get rid of the credit card dialog box and proceed to the Date field.

From there, you can resume tabbing to each field normally and whiz through entering the remainder of the transaction. You can edit the form to remove the columns that aren’t relevant to the business, but you can’t bypass this part of  the Sales Receipt. This adds a ton of time for bookkeepers and operations professionals.

I would love to see a “classic” mode that enables the old, much easier, method of entry!

Cynthia Hanna, American Tech Pro Solutions


Which features are you most hoping to see in the 2019 release of QuickBooks Enteprise?

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