Mid Year Changes To QuickBooks In 2018

QuickBooks Desktop 2019 will be released on September 17th, 2019. With the release of QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2019 we’ve gotten a sneak peak at the features you can expect in the upcoming release. But first, we wanted to make sure you’re aware of all the mid-year changes that Intuit rolled out in 2018.

Employee Pay Change Report


Employee Pay Change Report





This report tracks and highlights changes of the Earnings payroll items on the paychecks. It will track changes to the rates for hourly, salary, commission or bonus payroll items. What it shows here is the pay period with the most recent on top, Pay check date, Payroll Item, Previous Rate – meaning prior to this paycheck.  So you can see here the second line is showing the original pay rate and now this top line is showing the original rate under the original rate column but the current rate here.  Then is shows the percentage change, amount paid, memo and notes.  The notes will be if there is more then one rate for the same payroll item. If the period of a salary item is undefined – like outside a standard payroll period, or if it is the first instance or Baseline of this payroll item for this employee.

Release of EMV Chip Readers

Chips are the new swiping.

EMVchipreader Quickbooks


In R4 2018, for Pro, Premier and Enterprise users we have hardware options to now accept EMV chip and Magstripe debit and credit cards. With the device above we can also take Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.  Prior to this being released we had to use this device connected to Go Pay instead of integrated in the product.  This release allows users who do not need a full POS system still offer the protection to their customers.

Bluetooth Scanners

BluetoothScanner QuickBooks

Another mid-year change was around a different kind of hardware.  Last year we announced that QuickBooks Enterprise could now do picking using android devices.  Originally there was only one option for scanning using the MC40 Android device.  Another big release mid year was that Intuit added the ability to use (3) Bluetooth scanners with a standard Android device.  So you do not have to buy the MC40 in order to be able to scan items in and out. As long as you are on Android 5.5 or above, you can use any of these three supported scanners.

Also, after releasing the ability to Pick Sales orders on a handheld device,  a huge mid year release for our QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum customers was the addition of receiving on a hand held Android device in February 2018. Now in QuickBooks 2019, Intuit has included the ability to pack and ship!

To be clear on this functionality. This is available in QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Subscription, but you can have people interacting with your QuickBooks data without having to log into QuickBooks at all.

Purchase Order Management



When using these order management features, the first thing we want to do is go in and set up a Warehouse User. We do this on our Vendor List.  So we go to vendors and vendor center.  Set up a new vendor and we will name it Jeremy Warehouse and under the additional information tab you want to choose the Vendor Type of Warehouse user.  This is what tells the Warehouse app on the Android device and QuickBooks which users you want to have access.

Next you want to go in single user mode and edit your preferences > items and inventory> company> advanced inventory and choose the site operations tab. We are going to enable the sales order fulfillment worksheet and the Purchase order management worksheet added in February 2018.

Now you can use these new worksheets to help manage your warehouse even if you are not using scanners. The ability to allocate orders to the people responsible for them as well as progress the status of orders is helpful even if you are printing pick lists manually.

To add a device, we need to have first downloaded the app on my Android. For standard Androids you just go to the Google play store.  Search QuickBooks Warehouse and the application can be downloaded.

The first time you connect to a device you will need to put in your Intuit user name and password. So I just click “add new device”. It will prompt me with a code to enter on my Android and I enter that code to pair the QuickBooks file to the device.

Now all these steps were the same as last year but now we can do more in the app.

PurchaseOrderManagement QuickBooks


Back in the PO Management section now I can see the different statuses and choose the drop down to create the item receipt. Once the bill or item receipt are created it will close out the PO and mark the status as completed.  It will show on the PO Progress screen as completed and when I refresh on the PO tab it will no longer be on my list of PO’s to manage.

Next we’ll cover all product updates for QuickBooks Desktop!

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