Accounts Payable Basics: How do I Pay a Bill in QuickBooks

Paying bills is never fun, but it is part of running your business. QuickBooks makes it a quick and easy task. Select “Vendors>Pay Bills” and you have a lot of options. If you wish to pay only a certain amount of bills, you may filter your shown bills by due date or by vendor.

When you check which bills you want to pay, a total will be shown at the bottom of the list. If you wish to pay only a fraction of a bill up front, you can select the total to the right of the list and edit how much you want to pay. The amount due will stay in the list until you pay it off. If you have any credits or discounts you would like to apply, QuickBooks allows you to do so by clicking the “Discounts /Credits” button.


Once you are ready to pay, you can assign check numbers or mark the checks to be printed. Choose which bank account it’s coming from to be sure the checks post to the correct account. You can set which account you want your Pay Bills checks to default from in your Preferences. Select “Pay selected bills”, then print your checks.

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