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Top Ten Reasons To Choose QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

1) More Users – While Pro maximizes at 3 concurrent users, and Premier maximizes at 5, Enterprise allows up to 30 users. If you need more than 5 users, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is the only option.

2) More Space – Do you catch yourself worried about your list limits in Pro or Premier? The 2013 limits have grown for Class List, Customer Type, Vendor Type, Memorized Transaction List, To-Do List, Customer Messages List, and Inventory Site List. All of these categories have doubled, tripled, even decupled! The previous QBES Inventory Site limit was only 200. In 2013’s Enterprise Solutions, Inventory Site lists can hold up to a million. Get 750 price lists for your customers. Your files can grow and grow while your business continues to grow and grow.

3) Access to Advanced Inventory – Track Serial Numbers or Lot Numbers from purchase to sale. Take it a step further with Barcode scanning. With Barcode scanning, QuickBooks Enterprise automatically puts information in the right fields and ensures you are entering the correct product you are sending on your forms. This means there’s no room for human error, and the time you’ll save is priceless. FIFO inventory costing, Multiple Warehouses and Bin tracking are also included with Advanced Inventory.

4) Easier Reporting—Combine Reports across multiple company files. Use the Intuit Statement Writer to easily create professional-looking financial statements. ES features an ODBC driver built in to be able directly pull data into crystal reports or Microsoft queries into excel. Stock status reports that allow you to filter by non-zero and what is below the reorder point with an auto reorder feature.

5) Build Assembly (BOM) Modifications – If you are in the manufacturing business, you will have to use QBES because QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to modify a build on the fly. In Pro/Premier, if you create a build assembly it is permanent. To modify it, you would have to go into the items list and edit the item. In QBES you can edit the assembly for just the one build. This flexibility allows you to change your labor hours, edit for spillage or loss, and get a more accurate cost of the finished goods.

6) More Companies – Enterprise Solutions has the option to work in two company files at the same time, a feature unavailable in any other QuickBooks product. ES consolidates multiple company files to make things easier on you. Save time with less switching back and forth.

7) Annual Improvements – Each year, Enterprise Solutions adds more and more features exclusive to Enterprise Solutions. In 2013, ES added Auto POs, default classes, and improved list limits. With your full service plan you get the latest version of the software every year.

8) Help When You Need It – A special offer included for one year, ES offers access to U.S.-based product experts, unlimited technical support, upgrades and online backup.

9) Employee Organizer – Use the built in HR tool to track hire dates, fire dates, raises, job description, and even notes with a time and date stamp to track employee issues.

10) Feel Safer—We hate receiving that phone call that a client’s Pro or Premier file has locked them out of their company file and we need to have the file repaired by Intuit–and they have to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise anyway! Check your file size by pressing ctrl + 1. If you are approaching 80,000KB -100,000KB it is time to start looking at Premier from Pro. By 100,000KB to 120,000KB it is time for you to move up to Enterprise.

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