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Progress Report – Baseline, Our New CRM

Earlier this year, I wrote about our new Baseline CRM, a custom tool we developed using Intuit QuickBase. Our team has been feeling the excitement, as well as the growing pains, of implementing this robust new system.

Luckily, the biggest hurdle is behind us and the system is working well. We hope you will see the benefits of the CRM. This includes the following:

  • Improved customer information tracking. As soon as staff members open a customer file, they get complete information about the client, from their industry to products to services we’ve provided. Our new system even saves email exchanges, which gives us a great record of everything that has transpired so that we can more quickly respond to the client’s needs.
  • Better workflow management. Our sales team enters an order, flags the services team and away it goes! The system even sends an Engagement letter to the client, and can receive and store the signed letter. The many steps in our process are contained within the application, saving us time and improving our ability to track what we’re doing.
  • Easier scheduling. We use GoToMeeting for customer and internal meetings, and have integrated the scheduler into our CRM. Now, the team can easily schedule client meetings that are then tracked within the CRM.
  • Improved measurement. We use QuickBooks Enterprise to measure and report all financial information, but there is more to business than just finances. Our CRM is enabling us to see where leads come from, how quickly we can close deals and how much those deals cost us internally, giving us the ability to forecast our efforts.

The transition hasn’t been completely seamless. We’ve tracked bugs and issues, and tried to be patient with this process because our team has helped countless clients manage new system implementations in the past. The bottom line is that I know our new CRM will help us manage your software transitions with improved accuracy and efficiency.

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