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Our New Name: FourLane

Say goodbye to AQB and hello to FourLane, our new name and the look that goes with it.

About a year ago, we began tossing around the idea of changing our name. The initials QB are strongly associated with the QuickBooks brand, and we wanted to avoid any future trademark issues and establish a unique and recognizable brand.

What does this mean for our customers?

Our website is now While our email addresses have the same URL and our logo has changed, our name change will not impact your relationship with us in any other way. We’re still here to handle any of your QuickBooks or other software needs, and have additional services to offer you as well!

What does the name represent?

We love the images the word lane conveys—the fast lane, changing lanes and moving in a new direction. It also represents our four lanes of business:

  • 1.Financial – Our foundation has always been accounting and will remain so. We offer various financial services, from outsourced bookkeeping and CFO services to our new tax preparation services (available second quarter 2015), all of which will be included in this lane.
  • 2.Business Process – Our strong understanding of accounting processes, business management and technology helps us optimize business processes for our clients. We recommend the appropriate processes that will save you time and manpower, lower your company’s operation costs, and enable you to focus on your core business.
  • 3.Marketing – We’ve been helping businesses set up their point of sale systems, integrating them with their accounting and inventory system for years. Our new marketing services will design and create POS websites for retail clients.
  • 4.Software Consulting – Our years of experience in a multitude of industries has taught us what software works best for our clients. Based on your requirements, we’ll recommend the best software to meet your needs, including add-ons and optional integrations to ensure that the end result improves your workflow.

The Staff Remains the Same

Our great team is still in place, and in fact, we’re adding a few new players. An accountant/enrolled agent will be joining us soon to help clients handle tax-related needs. We’re also hiring a web developer to help clients create point of sale websites, so that we’ll be able to help you with the front end and the back end of your sales cycle.

So, let us know what you need! FourLane is here to serve.

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