QuickBooks 2013 Aborting Application: QuickBooks is now terminating

The Intuit QuickBooks Support Center has noted a termination error in QuickBooks 2013. On Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista operating systems, the error message reads “Error: QBW32.EXE – Aborting Application: QuickBooks is now terminating”.


On Windows XP, the message “Unrecoverable Error 02700 80318” appears, and often QuickBooks will shut down randomly with no error message at all on any Windows operating systems. Intuit support mentions that it’s important to remember if the message you’re given says something like “Connection has been lost”, you have a different issue than the one being explored here. These crash errors are extremely annoying, time consuming, and problematic – we know! For now, Intuit Support suggests using the file without the Report Center open in the background to see if it helps. Intuit believes the error is at random, and there’s no way to prevent it, so just re-open the file and continue working. However, Intuit is looking into it and will find a fix soon.

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