QuickBooks payroll set up – How to enter payroll service key

Within QuickBooks there are several different QuickBooks payroll options to purchase, including Full Service, Enhanced, and Assisted Payroll. Once you order Payroll from your Intuit Premier Reseller like Fourlane, you’ll get a service key.

With that key, inside QuickBooks Go to “Employee”, then “Payroll” and enter your service key. Everything in here is tied to your federal tax ID number. If the number listed on the payroll subscription doesn’t match yours, Go up to Company > Company Information and enter the correct Tax ID number on this screen:


Once you’re all set, go to “Add” a Payroll Service Key. Follow the wizard to confirmation, and it will then download your tax tables. You will then be prompted to exit out and restart your software – and once you reopen, your work is done!

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