QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Release: Improved Report Customization

Our services team frequently gets calls about reports. “We just can’t figure out what’s wrong with this report; it doesn’t seem to be adding up right, and we’re not sure where this data is coming from. Help!”

We go through a troubleshooting process to determine what’s going on, such as why data is appearing or not appearing on the report.

The Results?

Sometimes, the report is accurate; the client just didn’t realize what was going on internally with parameters. Other times, the issue is how the report is set up.

The latest release of QuickBooks Desktop may put us out of this work because they’ve really improved how report customization works:

  • A “show filters” panel will display on all reports. The default state is hidden.
  • You’ll be able to print/export the report with applied filters in “show” mode.
  • You’ll also be able to deselect multiple filter values.

Perhaps, the best way to understand this change is to see it.


Note that the data in the red box shows the applied filters on this report.

If you’re ready to take advantage of this new functionality, upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop today.

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