QuickBooks Merchant Services – Why You Need It

It’s nice to have merchant services, and if you attend a lot of events where you use a mobile device as your register, then you have to have them. Why is it so important to choose QuickBooks, though? What features make it stand out in the crowd? Why not just use the same, cheap merchant services you’ve seen your friends and competitors use?

Software as a Service

To begin with, QuickBooks merchant services may not be as expensive as you think. You can buy a service package that suits your budget. If your finances change, and you need more or less than you did before, it’s easy to upgrade or downgrade. Using QuickBooks’ software as a service products may be just the thing you need. Not all companies have caught up with this trend. QuickBooks merchant services are valuable for more than just their SaaS options, however. Their convenience and features more than justify a reasonable investment.

QuickBooks Compatibility

If you use QuickBooks, it’s best to use merchant services you can trust to interact smoothly with your bookkeeping software. The last thing you need when you’re out in the field is a hiccup in your payment processor. This is especially true for merchants who may use mobile software to sell directly to customers at fairs, festivals, and conventions. If your mobile device cannot process credit cards, then you’d better pray that all your customers have cash on hand. It’s difficult to tell what systems from which brands will play well together. The best bet is to choose systems from the same brand, because the last place you want to perform a test run is in the middle of a busy selling day.

Not only does a compatible system prevent problems, but QuickBooks merchant services also shorten your business chores. QuickBooks merchant services can sync up with any other QuickBooks program, keeping your entire team up to speed, no matter where they are. By linking to your POS and bookkeeping software, your QuickBooks merchant services can send your relevant information exactly where it needs to go with little to no effort on your part. This leaves you free to get on with the business at hand.

Payment Methods

Using QuickBooks’ GoPayment system in connection with merchant services makes your life less complicated. Rather than keep multiple records to keep track of credit, check, and cash payments, you can use a single app to record everything. Since the app is connected to QuickBooks, sending that information into the relevant file or spreadsheet is easy. That isn’t the only benefit, however. The system allows you to swipe cards, key in their information, or even take a photo in order to request payment. If a card will not scan for whatever reason, this gives you options. You can accept more cards and keep ahead of problems by using all the options on hand.

Perhaps most importantly, QuickBooks merchant services is already prepared for EMV. These advanced security protocols will help protect your customers, but without the right system upgrades, you won’t be able to accept all payment methods. Unless you plan on becoming a cash only business, you need to prepare now for EMV.

By accepting and recording multiple payment methods, communicating with other QuickBooks programs, and providing several ways to accept credit cards, merchant services keep you a step ahead of potential problems. The fact that the system is already prepared for EMV is an additional perk. Together, these features keep you armed and ready for a busy day of sales.


It’s important for your interaction with customers, to bear clear reminders of your business. Printing logos on receipts helps customers remember their purchase and your business later on. A nice logo also serves as a gentle bit of advertising. You can also customize and use the logos in emails or texts should your customers choose these options over a traditional receipt. Again, logos on such receipts provide clients with clear reminders. Logos and official branding materials always make your business appear more professional. If you want to literally leave your mark on your transaction, this is the best way to do so.

There are many reasons you should use QuickBooks merchant services. You need it in order to carry out your business with confidence while you’re away from your shop. You need it so save time and handle mundane tasks for you, because time is money. You need it so you’ll be ready when problems crop up. You need it because your business deserves to look professional. Everything about QuickBooks merchant services, from your initial purchase and download onwards, is designed for efficiency and problem solving. You may find other companies with merchant service packages, but they won’t offer the same level of service as QuickBooks. You can get by with other merchant services. You can excel, however, with QuickBooks.

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