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QuickBooks Enterprise Is A Great Accounting Fit For Non-Profit Organizations

Managing a non-profit organization can be difficult. Inadequate accounting solutions may lead to capital issues that cause insufficient budget, which is a huge problem for non-profit organizations. If the non-profit organization you are running is having trouble with accounting, do not fret. Read on to learn how you can adopt technology without overspending with QuickBooks Enterprise for non-profit orgnizations.

QuickBooks Enterprise for Non-Profit Organizations

With the need for technology while on a tight budget, many non-profit organizations just use any accounting software available. However, the accounting software they have adopted may not be suitable for the organization. On the other hand, QuickBooks Enterprise has a version that is developed specifically for the accounting needs of non-profit organizations. Here are some of its features:

  • Reporting – with multiple stakeholders, non-profit organizations often have to generate different reports for each stakeholder. QuickBooks Enterprise provides a hassle-free way of churning out the reports.
  • Non-profit accounting – with many accounts, functions, and transactions to deal with, QuickBooks Enterprise can easily computerize these jobs within the budget.
  • Donations and grants – QuickBooks Enterprise has a function to match all donors to their accounts.

Benefits of Using QuickBooks Enterprise

In addition to the features tailored for non-profit organizations, QuickBooks Enterprise provides many key benefits to organizations that use the powerful software:

  • Efficiency – QuickBooks Enterprise is designed with non-profit organizations in mind to provide an all-in-one solution to boost efficiency.
  • Accessible templates – QuickBooks Enterprise have inbuilt reporting layouts and guides specifically for non-profit organizations.
  • Segregation of duties – the accessibility of data can be set up based on the designation of employees.
  • Easy to use – QuickBooks Enterprise is created for everyone to use, including those who have no prior accounting knowledge.
  • Automatic updates – with a cloud-based accounting software, updates can be done automatically.
  • Backup and disaster recovery – with data stored securely in the cloud, non-profit organizations no longer have to manually back up data and worry about accidental deletions.
  • Reduced IT inconvenience – being a cloud-based accounting solution, non-profit organizations do not have to manually install the QuickBooks Enterprise software into computers. Thus, less space on the IT system is taken up and it reduces the lag on computers even if large files are being accessed.

Why You Should Choose QuickBooks Enterprise

It is inevitable that every non-profit organization would require an accounting software to help with the transactions recording and comply with tight regulations. QuickBooks Enterprise is a cost-efficient accounting solution that meets the accounting needs of non-profit organizations.

If you are looking to switch to QuickBooks Enterprise for your non-profit organization, Fourlane is here to help. We provide a series of QuickBooks services, such as setup, data conversion, consulting, and training. Contact us today to request a free consultation, product demo, price quote, or let us know how we can help you.

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