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QuickBooks Enterprise Mid-Year Release Adds Some Great Features

I usually don’t get too excited about in-between releases, but some recent changes to QuickBooks Enterprise are worth knowing about.

Here are my favorite upgrades:

  • 1.Multiple by Quantity in Cost and Custom Field Columns. For the first time ever, we can calculate fields in QuickBooks. You can now multiply the cost column and the numerical custom field columns by the quantity column. For example, say you need to know the weight of an item for shipping purposes. When I create the Cost entry, I simply create a custom field for weight. I can then include the weight category on the total, and it will subtotal the total weight.
  • 2.Accountants Tool. This feature allows you to give an external accountant a role to do things, such as reclassify transactions, write off invoices and troubleshoot prior account balances. QuickBooks had taken the feature away in release 15.0, but to our relief, it’s back.
  • 3.Advanced Reporting Additional Templates. We love the advanced reporting tool introduced last fall; Intuit has now added two report templates to get started: the Item Sales Forecasting will predict future sales based on historic data, while the Sales Profitability dashboard will also be handy, an at-a-glace feature showcasing the cost of products and/or services and goods sold.

If you’re curious about what else changed in the 2015 QuickBooks R6 Release, check out Charlie Russell’s article on the Sleeter Report. As always, we’re here to help you upgrade if you need it.

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