QuickBooks Point of Sale – Setup Interview

The first time QuickBooks Point of Sale is started on the Server Workstation, the Setup Interview window is automatically opened. The interview is the fastest way to set up basic QuickBooks Point of Sale options in one place so you are ready to begin ringing up sales fast!

Not all options are defined in this initial setup. Advanced options that help you customize Point of Sale for your unique business needs can be set up later in company preferences.

The QuickBooks POS Setup Interview allows you to define:

Printed receipt – Enter the company information you want printed on sales receipts. This information is also printed on orders and reports.

Sales tax – Specify if you collect sales tax and, if so, enter your primary sales tax rate and to whom the taxes are paid. You can set up more advanced sales tax options, such as different taxing instructions by merchandise type, price, or location, or paying taxes to multiple agencies later in company preferences.

Payments – Learn about and sign up for a QuickBooks POS Merchant Service account to process credit card and debit/ATM transactions from within Point of Sale. If you already have an account use this page to enter your account number and set service options.

Hardware – Click Configure/Setup for the Point of Sale equipment you have. The Hardware Setup Wizard will walk you through configuring and testing each piece of hardware.

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