QuickBooks Point of Sale – Single User or Network Mode

Within a store, QuickBooks POS can be run in Single User Mode (one workstation) or Network Mode (up to 20 networked workstations). In Network Mode, all the workstations have simultaneous access to the program. One workstation must be the Server Workstation, with up to nineteen Client Workstations. A separate user license must be purchased for each workstation requiring simultaneous access.

You can view your current workstation type and number by selecting About QuickBooks Point of Sale from the Help menu.

About the Server Workstation

Typically the first workstation to which you installed Point of Sale. If you are in Single User Mode, your workstation is a Server Workstation. Only the Server Workstation:

Creates and holds your point-of-sale company data

Can back up, restore, or rename the company data

Exchange information with QuickBooks financial software

Import data via the Data Import Tool

Set item and customer ranking preferences

(Pro) Exchange information with other stores

Only one Server Workstation can be installed on a network.

Important: The Server Workstation must be running for Client Workstations to have access to the Point of Sale data. (Point of Sale does not have to be open on the Server Workstation.)

Client Workstation

Any networked workstation that is not a Server Workstation is a Client Workstation. Client Workstations access the Point of Sale company data across the network.

Switching Between Single User and Network Mode

You initially choose Single User or Network Mode when setting up your Point of Sale company file. You may need to change this setting if you are adding or removign workstations in the future.

To switch between modes:

From the File menu, select Switch Company File to Network Mode or Switch Company File to Single User Mode.

Follow any on-screen prompts.

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