Press Release: #1 Reseller 2012

Fourlane Awarded Intuit’s Premier Reseller of the Year for Second Time

Austin, TX March 12, 2013 – Fourlane received some very exciting news last week in San Fransisco! Marjorie, Rob, and Chris attended an Intuit convention in California. In addition to learning some great new things about Intuit, Fourlane was awarded a special honor for the second year in a row: Premier Reseller of the Year! This award has only been given out for four years, and we’ve claimed the title twice. We’re proud of our whole team, and we had a fun time at the convention to celebrate.

Fourlane, a QuickBooks small business consulting firm, today announced it was named Intuit’s Premier Reseller of the Year 2012-2013. Fourlane received this prestigious award for excellent year-over-year sales as well as a top net promoter score of 98 per cent at the 2013 Intuit Premier Reseller conference in Mountain View, California. Fourlane, founded in 2009, also received this award in 2010, and has seen triple digit growth in 2010, 2011 and 2012 as an Intuit reseller.

“It’s an exciting honor to receive the Intuit Premier Reseller of the Year award again,” said Marjorie Adams, president and CEO. “The Fourlane team loves innovating our offering to better serve our customers. In 2012, we changed our website to allow for online training, including remote training in all areas of QuickBooks as well as adding bookkeeping and CFO/Controller services. As a member of Intuit’s Advisory Council, we regularly attend Intuit’s product development team roundtable discussions and deliver customer feedback to improve the Intuit products.”

In the past two years, Fourlane has had top sales in the Intuit Reseller Program for Intuit Field Service Management, QuickBooks POS,QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and Intuit Merchant Services. With the focus on its customers, the company has added in-house custom application development for custom reports and custom integrations as well as partnered with ProAdvisors, bookkeepers and CPAs.

“Fourlane clearly demonstrates the distinction of the Intuit Reseller Program. Their sales excellence and breath of product knowledge lead Fourlane to have outstanding year-over-year growth, consistently pushing them past sales targets and delivering an outstanding customer service rating,” said Simon Pass, Sales Leader, Intuit Reseller Program.

“We’re always looking for new partners and ways to help foster growth in the QuickBooks community. Because of our partnerships, we now have customers in Australia, Brazil and the Philippines,” said Marjorie Adams, CEO of Fourlane.

Marjorie Adams shares the day-to-day running of the operation with her husband, Rob Adams. As a team, they are big proponents of encouraging employees to spend 15 per cent of their time furthering their education. The company focus is on work-life balance and education, which they feel played a large role in receiving this Premier Reseller of the Year award.

About Fourlane
Fourlane is a privately held, woman-owned business located in Austin, Texas with over five regional offices throughout the country. Fourlane provides bookkeeping and expert consulting services in the areas of QuickBooks accounting software, QuickBooks POS software and Intuit Field Service management. Online QuickBooks training is also an integral part of Fourlane. The company offers more than 250 videos with 20 hours of QuickBooks training and know-how. The Fourlane QuickBooks videos target beginners to the most advanced of users with detail step-by-step instruction for any and every QuickBooks function or question.

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