Why QuickBooks Pro is the Best Choice for You

QuickBooks recently made updates to its QuickBooks Pro software. Many small to mid-size business owners in a variety of industries use QuickBooks Pro to manage their accounting and inventory. At Fourlane we’ve seen firsthand the incredible transformations that Quickbooks can have on a business. Not only does Quickbooks allow owners and CEO’s to better understand their data and track the financial aspects of their business, but the automation it provides saves dozens of monthly man hours. At Fourlane, it’s our vision to help your business succeed.

The Basics of QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro contains everything a small to medium business will need to fully manage their financial and accounting needs from a computer or tablet. Core features include project accounting, expense management, accounts payable and receivable, and payroll management. Moreover, all these elements possess the ability to integrate with other applications. Many customers give it a four-star or five-star rating and say it is very user-friendly. Additionally, you can install QuickBooks Pro on your computer or through the cloud with a QuickBooks Hosting account. QuickBooks also has a convenient mobile application that you can download to your cell phone.

The Features of QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro means having everything in one place. You can create and design invoices, estimates, and statements. Enter, track, and pay bills from vendors and expenses. You can even download your banking transactions straight to QuickBooks. In one click with Insights Home Page to see your entire business performance. Come tax season, Quickbooks makes everything much easier, since you’ll have been properly tracking, documenting, and reconciling all financial transactions already.

The schedule report center is another great feature that is a huge time saver. It allows you to modify your reports and schedule them to send via email. It even allows you to see all your reports in one place. The smart search feature has a predictive element that improves your searches, saving you time. You can now search for your clients without having to look through your entire list.

In the updated 2018 version of QuickBooks Pro, there are six new features.

  • Multiple monitor support. You’ll now be able to use up to three (3) monitors while using Quickbooks. The way this has been implemented is a little non-intuitive, but it definitely beats toggling back and forth between multiple files on the same screen.
  • Inventory report enhancements. This feature looks like it is still in progress, as it only applies to some inventory reports, but it increases flexibility in the way you view them.
  • Ability to switch between “Cash” and “Accrual” on reports. If you need a couple different views accessible with one toggle, this feature has been added.
  • “Past Due” stamp! It may not be as satisfying as physically stamping “past due” in red ink onto a physical invoice, but Quickbooks Pro has now added the ability to add this stamp to invoices that are past their due date. This should help you get paid faster, since it will create a sense of urgency for any customers viewing their invoice.
  • Search in the Chart of Accounts. Very helpful if you have a lot of accounts.
  • Keyboard shortcuts

QuickBooks Pro Payment Methods

With QuickBooks, payments are now more manageable. Start by creating an invoice by clicking, “Create Invoice.” From there, you fill in information about who you are sending it to, what you are selling them, and the amount of purchase. Next, you have the choice to allow payment by a bank transfer, or you can give them the option of bank transfer or credit card. Once sent you will get a saved copy of the email. When your customer receives the email, there is a link that will direct your customer to the safe Intuit page where the client will make the payment. After the customer completes payment, you receive an email with the confirmation.

QuickBooks even gives you the choice to go to the bank a lot less. You no longer need to visit the bank every time you receive a check. In order to deposit a check threw QuickBooks you just click on the “receive payments” icon. It’s that simple.

From there, the next page instructs you to provide information about who sent the payment, which brings up a list of invoices you can process. If you want to, you can also search by the amount that you are looking for. Once found, you just fill in your customers account number, routing number, and add the amount due. You must click the button saying that your customer authorized this check. While this process can take up to two to three business days, it still saves you time. You no longer must wait until you feel you have enough reason to go to the bank or even drive there when you use QuickBooks Pro e-checks.

GoPayment is a “Sale” Saver

Intuit GoPayment is an essential tool for those who own a mobile business. Many businesses make their sales on site. Unfortunately, some customers are uncomfortable giving someone credit card information. With QuickBooks, you can offer your customers the option to use the GoPayment. They can slide their card as well as sign the receipt. As a result, you gain the opportunity to build a better relationship with your customers.

QuickBooks Pro is a great choice for many business owners and will be the best choice for you, too. The extensive list of features will make the business owner role more manageable. In the end, you have more time to do whatever you please. To begin your process of being the next QuickBooks Pro customer, you can go to the Fourlane website, or you can call us at 1-800-931-2120.

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