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Become a QuickBooks Expert

Here you are with all your hardware, software, and systems all bought and set up. The problem now is you do not know all the ins and outs of each item. That can really ruin the convenience of these items. There is good news for you: Fourlane offers free QuickBooks training videos! You can choose to focus on one section or the entire software. By the time you finish watching the QuickBooks training videos, you will be a QuickBooks Expert.

Why Watching QuickBooks Training Videos Will Help You Become an Expert

These QuickBooks training videos were solely created to help you be an expert. Through these videos, you will learn how to work each tab and what each button will do to help lessen the time to do a daily task. Some examples of this would be the invoice and inventory options. QuickBooks offers a way that you can automatically send invoices to your regular customers. It offers a choice to send many invoices at one time, and you can design the invoice for your convenience. If you have a small business that takes hours to do the inventory, there are not only devices they offer to help, but there are options in QuickBooks that can make this process a breeze. For example, Advanced Inventory has ways to track your products, customize reports, and transfer inventory. These are some of the many reasons why you should watch the QuickBooks training videos.

What Each Video Includes

You have a large selection of videos to choose from with different prices. Each course is different. Some have about eight videos included, and others have more than fourteen. On average, each video ranges between two to four hours. You do have the choice of purchasing a QuickBooks course bundle, which has 152 videos and over twenty hours of video. After purchasing, you have access for a full year and a 14-day-back guarantee if unsatisfied. If you are a nonprofit organization, there is a discount, which you can obtain by calling Fourland at 1-800-931-2120.

What the Courses Cover

There are many different courses that cover everything that QuickBooks has to offer. The narrator is by Marjorie Adams, who is the Founder and CEO of Fourlane. Each narrated video focuses on a different area of QuickBooks’ tools, terms, and tabs. Depending on the courses you choose, the videos can cover basic set-up, banking basics, payroll set-up, and much more. There are videos that will cover entire software programs. No matter the software you have chosen for your business whether it be QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or QuickBooks Enterprise, there is a course specifically designed to teach you everything about it.

Multiple Devices and What You Need for the Videos

You can get access to the videos from multiple devices such as your desktop PC, iPad, laptop, and mobile device. You could potentially watch the videos from anywhere if you have Wi-fi. There is a recommended lowest requirement for each device. Your mobile device should have at least Android 2.3 or iOS 7.0 to play the videos well. Your desktop PC should have at least Safari 6, Google Chrome 11, Firefox 30, or Internet Explorer 9. If you are using Mac OS 10.8 or Windows 7 SP1, the recommended broadband connection is 1 Mbps or greater to play videos. If you are wanting to use the entire site, the recommended settings are Safari 8, Google Chrome 41, Firefox 35, Internet Explorer 11. The suggested broadband connection is 3 Mbps or greater if you are using Mac OS 10.10, Windows 8.1

Taking time out of your busy schedule to watch these training videos will only help you use QuickBooks. You went out of your way to find the best software for your business; you should know how to use it. If used correctly, your QuickBooks software can make your daily chores nearly disappear. Knowing the ins and outs can make lengthy processes work at the click of a button. To find these training videos, you can go to Fourlane.com where the videos are available to the public to use. What is the point of having top-notch equipment and software if you do not know how to work it like an expert?

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