Reset Online Banking connection to QuickBooks

I picked the wrong financial institution when I tried to set up Online Banking in QuickBooks. It errored out. How can I delete this connection and start over?

Online banking is one easy way to automate transaction entry in QuickBooks. If you accidentally select the wrong financial institution during the set-up, you will need to delete this connection and start over with the correct institution. You can do this by selecting Chart of Accounts from your Lists. In your Chart of Accounts, right-click on the bank you need to fix and click the online services tab.

Then, select “Deactivate all online services.” This will cancel the connection with the wrong bank. To start a new connection with the correct bank, edit the account again and choose to set up online services.

There are usually a few ways that you can connect to your bank, depending on the institution you bank with. One is Direct Connect – this connection allows you to sync inside QuickBooks without having to go to a web browser. Usually the bank will charge a monthly fee for the connection. There is also web connect. This will take you to the bank’s website where you can download the information you want to connect into QuickBooks. We suggest using the .QBO file download as this has the least amount of errors and uses the same functionality as the direct connection. We do not suggest importing in a .iif file for you banking activities.

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