The Six New Features in QuickBooks Pro 2018

If you are a business owner, you are familiar with the overload of tasks that can hit you all at once. This can make some of the strongest people suffer from stress. You need software that really works, something that takes the job out of owning a business and making it that dream you always hoped to achieve. QuickBooks software will do that for you with the many powerful features that are exclusive to the software. QuickBooks Pro 2018 now has the most powerful and effective features yet. These features include Multi-Monitor Support, Chart of Accounts Search, Smart Search, Automated Reports, Filter Reports, and Past Due Stamp. All of these features will save you time and money.

Multi-Monitor Support

This feature works wonders if you have more than one thing on your plate because it lets you work on more than one monitor. You will increase productivity because you can use more than one monitor and multiple programs at once. It gives you the opportunity to be more connected by having a screen dedicated to your email or business social media. There is no more messing up codes that do not allow copying. You can simply have it open on two screens to share data between the two applications. This feature gives you a better view to compare products and information side-by-side. Multi-Monitor Support gives you more flexibility to run your business.

Chart of Accounts Search and Smart Search

As a striving successful business owner, you may have a hard time keeping up with all your clients’ names, the account numbers, or transaction amounts. With the new QuickBooks Pro features, Charts of Accounts Search and Smart Search, you will never have to memorizethis  information again. Both features will bring up a list of possible results or the result you were looking for as soon as you start typing in the search bar. These features may not seem like they would save you a lot of time, but doing this shortcut multiple times every day will save you a lot of time by the end of the month. Smart Search will take you beyond your client’s information and account; it gives you the capability to find transactions without knowing the exact amount. This feature will not only save you valuable time but will also save you from mindless mistakes.

Automated Reports and Filter Reports

Creating and filling out reports takes up a lot of your daily time. QuickBooks Pro now provides automated reports that are powerful and efficient. Automated reports come with many benefits. This feature is reliable and can save you money by avoiding small mistakes that cost you a lot. It will give you a chance to be more available to other places of your business or begin to build a closer relationship with your staff and customers. Since it is doing your reports for you, you are capable of being more productive by finishing other daily tasks earlier. The performance of this feature will lift the stress off your shoulders. Filter Reports allow you to go through the reports and quickly find the one you are looking for. It will save you time searching for the right report, and you won’t have to memorize account information or numbers to do it.

Past Due Stamps

You will never have to worry about forgetting about an outstanding balance that was never paid. Not only can overdue payments hurt your business greatly but they can also damage your relationship with a client. The Past Due Stamp will automatically be placed on the invoices that are now overdue for payment. This may be the friendly reminder that you need to get your payments paid in full more often on time. You will be notified so that you can contact the customer before it hurts either them or you. This feature is only going to help your business succeed and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

QuickBooks Pro is going to help you save time and money with its new and existing features. The Multi-Monitor Support, Chart of Accounts Search, Smart Search, Automated Reports, Filter Reports, and Past Due Stamp features are all made to make your average day more productive and less stressful. QuickBooks Pro has a 60-day guarantee, so try it out for a couple months.

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