Collect Data and Keep It Safe with One Product

QuickBooks has a variety of choices of business software for small businesses. This software is tested and improved to create a better-upgraded version each year. In a business, there are many different types of data that you must collect and keep up with constantly. All the data needs to be protected and if not, a theft could cause an unauthorized user to get information about your customers, your business, and you. QuickBooks offers business software that does collect your data and protects it. QuickBooks designs its software to be simple and effective.

Inventory Information and Data

QuickBooks offers effective features that can collect data about the inventory that both comes in and out. It can collect data such as where inventory is coming from and how often you are and should purchase it. QuickBooks will create a customizable report that allows easier access to this type of data. These features come in handy for the end of the year reports and for tax reports. The different business software can create tax friendly reports making your taxes simple and mess-free. QuickBooks will also securely keep all this data in one place and have it constantly backed up to prevent the unthinkable.

Account Information and Data

As a business, there are many different accounts both personal and professional. Accounts can consist of information between you and another business. It can be a relationship between you and the staff. If you use contractors, you should have some kind of account for each of those. This data is needed for the other individual and your business. It can affect your taxes and this data is just as vital as all others. QuickBooks can safely and securely collect and add all this information into one place. This data will safely be added to reports that will always be updated for you at all times.

Personal Information and Data

Personal information consists of your name, address, social security number, bank account information, credit cards, and much more. If an unauthorized person was to get hold of this information, it could potentially lead to disaster and an empty bank account. A business owner or not, when a thief gets to your information and data they can use against you. The thief is going to likely react fast and hurt you hard before you even notice. Losing personal information can be a frightening thing for anyone and ruin lives. This can result in fraud that can hurt your name, social security number, and credit. All of these affect your business and what the bank will and will not help with. QuickBooks features will collect and securely place this information in one place.

Customer Information and Data

Every time one of your customers makes an online purchase they are trusting you and your site to use their accurate payment information. QuickBooks can take everything about all of your customers and correctly put it together, so you can see everything about each individual. You can see the customers preferred payment information, how often and when they shopped with you, and what they prefer to buy from your business. Your information in the wrong hands can hurt your customer, your business, and you. You are responsible for all of your customer’s information and if it were to go missing or vandalized you may be the person who is going to get in trouble for it.

Choices of Business Software

QuickBooks has many different business software to choose from. There is something for every business’s specific needs. QuickBooks Enterprise is amongst one of the most popular choices. It comes in three different editions silver, gold, and platinum. Silver has all the base powerful features such as advanced reporting, industry editions, online backup, and upgrades. Gold includes everything that the silver edition contains, plus enhanced payrolls and platinum add enhanced payroll, advanced pricing, and advanced inventory. Some of the other desktop choices are QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Enterprise. Each of these software choices is great and have the base powerful features but all are different levels of needs. Every QuickBooks business software has some kind of backup and security on it to ensure the safety of your information and data.

Owning a business is hard and can take up a lot of your time, which is why QuickBooks offers business software with powerful features. You will be able to do a less tedious task and focus more on different areas of your business. The software will collect your data for you and can keep all data and information safe and out of thieving hands. If you are ready for a product that is designed to help you as a business owner than call Fourlane today at 1-800-931-2120 or go to the website Fourlane is a company you want to buy from with the amazing customer service, many resources, and competitive pricing.

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