The Six New Features in QuickBooks 2018

Are you in need of a serious accounting overhaul? The new QuickBooks has the right solutions for your bookkeeping struggles. As a business owner, you must stay on top of your accounting needs. If you don’t set aside time daily to work on your record keeping, you may miss important signs of upcoming problems. Those missed signs could result in a costly reduction in your business’s viability. Even if you’re happy with your older version of QuickBooks Pro, the new features in QuickBooks Pro 2018 are worth lifting the hood and checking out.

“Past Due” Stamp

One of the newest features of  2018 is the ability to add a “Past Due” stamp. As a business owner, you probably never like to have an account that is late on a payment. However, dealing with late or negligent clients is an inevitable part of owning a business. It is undebatable that at some point in your business career you have hand-written “Past Due” on an invoice and re-sent it to a customer. With QuickBooks Pro 2018, you can automatically add a “Past Due” stamp onto your invoices. Not only does this look more professional than a red ink pen, but it reduces the additional time required to manually add the information. If you are not interested in this feature, however, you can have the stamp turned off, so that it doesn’t automatically appear.

Keyboard Short Cuts

Everyone likes to save time. As a business owner, saving time can also lead to increased productivity and revenue. With QuickBooks Pro 2018, another of the new features is the ability to copy entire rows of transactions and paste the information into another row. The function to copy information is simple. To copy an entire row on a transaction, simultaneously click on ctrl+alt+y. Then, when you are in the row where the information is to be pasted, click on ctrl+alt+v. It is now simple to update invoices, estimates, sales sheets, or any other type of business transaction.

Cash/Accrual Toggle

The next new feature of the 2018 QuickBooks Pro software package is the cash/accrual toggle feature. With the new software package, you can switch between cash and accrual basis. This is important for those businesses that use the two different reporting formats in their business. If you are using one basis for accounting and another for taxes, it is necessary to view both reports. Now, you can view both reports at the same time.

Search Chart of Accounts

Your Chart of Accounts may be one of your most viewed lists when you use a QuickBooks software package. The Chart of Accounts can be large as it includes all your assets, liabilities, income, and your expense reports all in one list. As a result, it can be difficult to find individual line items without spending a lot of time scrolling through the chart. With 2018 QuickBooks Pro, searching for these items has gotten easier. Now, you can type keywords into a search bar to bring up different account names or account numbers. Moreover, the software package allows for partial words as well. This new feature can help you save valuable time from searching.

Email Security

QuickBooks 2018 has also added an updated email security feature to their software package. Security of business documentation continues to be an invaluable part of your business practices. With QuickBooks’ added multi-factor authentication, keeping your data safe is easier. The security of the email system begins by signing into your Intuit ID account. Once you’ve set up your preferences, you no longer need to add your email password when sending mail from inside your QuickBooks account.


The last new feature of QuickBooks Pro 2018 is the ability to cloud-enable your software package. With cloud-enabling, you can access your information from any device if you have an internet connection. This ease of access is a necessity in the current business world. While cloud-enabling is not free, it is well worth the price of $50 per month to have backup capabilities and ease of access.

In Conclusion

If you’re not satisfied with your current accounting software package, QuickBooks Pro 2018 has plenty of features that will improve your business operations. Some of the newest features include “Past Due” stamps, search capabilities in the Chart of Accounts list, cash/accrual toggle, keyboard shortcuts, email security, and cloud-enabled possibilities. Furthermore, if you need assistance with your accounting needs, contact Fourlane for a professional consultation. We are an industry expert. Call 800-931-2120 today.

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