Everything you need to know about QuickBooks training: Beginner level

Even for the most seasoned professional, starting a new software can be daunting. This is especially true when it’s related to something as important as keeping track of expenses for your business. No one wants to be the person who makes a mistake when dealing with money. Luckily, your company has made the excellent decision to start you out on a QuickBooks training session: Beginner Level. Here are some important things to know before you start.

The Best Software on the Market 

When you start to use QuickBooks, you’ll find that it is surprisingly easy to learn. Best of all, our team of industry professionals is there to guide you through the process. There’s no prior accounting software experience needed in order to succeed. A bookkeeper who has been keeping a large paper book for 30 years will have no trouble switching to this straightforward online process. Likewise, our software is sure to convert even the most loyal of Excel users. In fact, you can even use the mobile version in line at the grocery store; it’s that easy.

The Best Industry Experts Support You

Fourlane customizes a QuickBooks training and services plan specifically for you. By analyzing your current processes –we design a workflow that works for you. We offer end-user support and training from our team of highly skilled QuickBooks Training experts.

Don’t Worry About Wasting Valuable Time

Are you tired of wasting valuable time with training? QuickBooks training makes learning quick and easy. Likewise, Fourlane is interested in saving you time. If you already have accounting books in place, we offer a service that will convert your existing data to QuickBooks. QuickBooks also has a feature where it automatically updates the information every night.

More Control over Your Financial Process

Fourlane is committed to helping make your business success and providing you with the metrics that you need to understand that success. Our industry experts have a wide range of expertise across nearly every industry. We’ve generated thousands of custom QuickBooks reports across these industries. These reports span all areas of business and help to inform our clients’ decisions about their business practices. Let Fourlane help you cultivate customized tools and features to streamline workflow and manage finances effectively.

Here are just a few data points that QuickBooks users can assess using their customized reports:

  • Banking – Tracking payments has never been easier. Your banking transactions, deposits, withdrawals, and checks are now right at your fingertips in a single secure location. Quickbooks creates a detailed, searchable history where you can connect all of your accounts to one place and set up direct deposits, so there’s no more scrambling to figure out when or whether you made a payment.
  • Budgets and Forecasts – Find out how your company is doing in meeting its budgeted income and expenses so that you can plan effectively. Find information related to customers, items, sales reps, and sales orders.
  • Customers & Receivables – See detailed reports on how much money your customers owe and when it’s due, staying on top of accounts receiving.
  • Accountant & Taxes – Easily partner with your businesses accounting team to understand your tax information better. With Quickbooks’ multiple user features, you can give them access to your Quickbooks account, so there’s no more faxing or emailing confidential documents.
  • Employees & Payroll – Find detailed information about your employees including their individual payroll and payroll-related expenses.
  • Jobs, Time, & Mileage – Gauge how your company is doing at estimating specific jobs, how much human capital is spent and assess your company’s bandwidth.

Share Your Work with Others

QuickBooks is quickly becoming the Industry standard. When your reports and your data are standardized – you have a greater return on investment. Likewise, it cuts down on the cost of training in case a new employee comes in and has to handle the books. They can just pick right up where you left off. Additionally, your accountant, your CEO and your Intern can all look at the same information and be able to understand what they need to understand.

QuickBooks’ ease of use also reduces the risk of errors, so there’ll be less checking over shoulders and more writing checks. In addition to this, another perk that QuickBooks has over Microsoft Excel is its multiple user access, which you can use to invite your accountant or whomever you need to look at your account. QuickBooks also allows online payments so you can avoid the hassle of manually inputting the transactions. You can also print out checks for your employees directly from your computer.


As you can see, QuickBooks training for beginners is the perfect addition to your new software. You don’t need prior experience to get started because our experts are there to support you. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to learn on your own. Our software combined with correct training is sure to make you an expert in time. Just go for it, absorb as much as you can, ask questions and actively learn. Before you know it, you’ll no longer be a beginner. You’ll be a pro.

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