quickbooks premier industry editions

QuickBooks Premier industry editions

QuickBooks Premier industry editions

As a business owner, let’s face it you spent a lot of time building your business, and you know all of its specific needs. Moreover, you know that generic software is built for bigger corporations. You need something powerful and unique enough to really work for you. Thankfully, QuickBooks builds top of the line software with choices for all sizes of businesses. For example, QuickBooks Premier offers industry-specific features. Just because something works well for one industry doesn’t mean it will work for the industry you’re in. However, this industry-specific software gives you features you actually need.

Professional Services

Perhaps your business operates in the professional services industry. Professional service industries offer services that require special training in sciences or arts. Most of these services require a professional license to perform services. Some examples of this would be doctors, engineers, auditors, and architects.

The QuickBooks Premier, industry-specific software has many features to offer professional services. For instance, it allows you to use one screen to see all your clients with unbilled time and expenses. In addition to this, you can send invoices quicker and easier than ever with only a few clicks. You can even set different billing rates for employees, clients, and services through the software. Lastly, there is a feature that allows you to break down jobs, expenses, projects, and more to show what is the most profitable.

General Contractor industry edition

Even general contractors can benefit from QuickBooks Premier software. A general contractor is a person in charge of a construction site’s daily tasks. This person manages trades and vendors as well as communicates with all parties involved with the construction site. The QuickBooks Premier industry-specific features can help organize much of this information. For example, it can tell which vendors you still need to pay for the “Job by Vendor” reports. Moreover, you can easily create job estimates and any changes to orders. You can also pull reports that tell you which jobs are providing the best profits. From there, you can break that information down into tasks related to specific jobs.

Manufacturing and Wholesale industry edition

Manufacturing and wholesale companies are known for selling items in large quantities. An example would be a company that sells customized supplies or surgical supplies to other businesses or companies. With QuickBooks Premier industry-specific software, you can utilize features such as the ability to set best inventory levels and track inventory. Reordering is no longer an issue with this software because it helps you determine the most beneficial times for reordering. Additionally, you can track which vendors increase your profits and decide which products to promote or drop, accordingly. Orders have never been so easy to prioritize.

QuickBooks Nonprofit industry edition

Nonprofit organizations can absolutely benefit from QuickBooks Premier industry-specific software features. These organizations receive special tax exempt from the Internal Revenue Services. This means they do not pay any taxes on donations or fundraiser money. With this industry-specific software, you are capable of creating end-of-year donation reports. You can also prioritize your donors. In addition to this, you can easily create a “Statement of Functions Expenses” (Form 990) to report to your board, major donors, and the IRS. This software gives you the ability to track all your donors and know the exact donations made by each of them.


A retail company is a place that sells straight to the individual consumers and usually in small quantities. Some examples of these would be shoe stores, departments stores, and shops. This industry-specific software includes the ability to use the Sales Summary Form to track sales accurately. The software stays on top of inventory for you and creates specific points needed to reorder. It also allows you to compare different months profits and loss.

General Business

A General Business is a company that sells goods to all consumers. An example of these stores would be places anyone can shop at such as a coffee shop. QuickBooks Premier General Business software has industry-specific features like Managing inventory items. The software allows you to use the inventory center and be able to keep track of all of your stock. Balance sheets are easily accessible for general business and allow the tracking of financial data. You can track this data by categorizing it by location, department, and profit center. Since you are working with clients, these features will help you track client billing by time, material, job phase, and percentage competition.

The benefits of QuickBooks industry editions for your business

Using industry-specific software provides you with many beneficial features. Having the ability to use features that assist you with what you really need will minimize time spent on these day-to-day tasks and optimize time spent on other business-related tasks. If you are looking for this miracle software, then go to Fourlane.com and find more information on it today. If you would like to speak with experts in QuickBooks, call us today, at 1-800-931-2120. Never waste your valuable time on tasks you can have finished for you again.

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