Small Businesses and Mobile POS

Customers no longer stand in check out lines for every product and service they require. In order to compete, a small business must meet customers outside of traditional storefronts. Business takes place on the move, in customers’ homes, and online. In order to meet demand, you need flexibility. Mobile POS systems allow you to escape traditional storefronts and turn the world into your shop. The hardware can fit in carry-on bags, briefcases, and even large purses. Even if you operate a stationary restaurant or shop, your small business can benefit from a mobile POS.

Businesses Without Traditional Storefronts

In the age of e-commerce, not all businesses have a traditional, physical storefront. Many sellers and services offer their product through one or more online stores. Small businesses then deliver products and services directly to the buyer. Many physical fitness trainers fit this pattern. Even if they spend some time in traditional gyms, physical fitness coaches go wherever their clients need them to be, including parks, home gyms, and more. Regardless of where coaches meet their clients, they must have their POS system on hand. Other services, such as caterers, errand runners, nannies, and home improvement contractors also need portable POS technology. Mobile POS is the best friend of the small business and the self-employed.

After all, customers hesitate to pay in advance for a service, but waiting to bill the client after returning to the office is an invitation for delays and lost revenue. A mobile POS not only makes you look more professional, but also allows immediate payment. Tablets suit this function well, as they have significantly more memory than a smart phone, but still use familiar touchscreen technology. It’s easy to add merchant services to such devices, which is imperative for any kind of business. Even the most enthusiastic shopper may not be able to pay with cash, and by refusing credit and debit cards, you lose a critical section of your customer base.

Business Travel

You cannot take your computer tower and server with you when you travel. Even if you use Cloud technology, you’ll have a hard time fitting your desktop in your carry on. While you’re away from the office, however, you may have the opportunity to make a sale. Opportunities may be planned or come as a surprise, but it’s important to have a mobile POS on hand in either instance. If you’re being paid to speak at an event, it’s easier to simply accept your payment through your mobile POS. This saves bookkeeping headaches down the road.

If you travel with any of your products, even if you only plan to use them in a demonstration, bring your POS. If your demonstration goes well, you may make a sale, and you need your professional tools on hand to clinch the deal. Even a happy surprise becomes a disappointment if you cannot act on it.

Seasonal Businesses

Seasonal businesses often have the qualities listed above. Many lack traditional storefronts, move to meet demand, and accept payment at the time of service. Whether you sell ice cream or provide on-demand snow removal services, your customers will prefer to pay you directly. Without a permanent office space, it’s difficult to arrange regular billing, because many customers hesitate to send checks to a PO box. A traditional POS system wouldn’t work for a seasonal business without a permanent storefront. If you serve customers at their homes or places of business, they will want to pay remotely or on the spot. They won’t come down to your office just to pay a bill, even if you have an office for them to visit.

Traditional Storefronts

Paying bills at a restaurant can get confusing. Does the waiter take the bill? Should you take it up to the cash register? Do you need to wait for the server to give you a slip that you take to the register? Everyone operates differently, and things get complicated. Imagine just picking up your POS and bringing it to your customers at their table. Even if you have a counter customers can queue at during peak hours, a mobile POS allows you to take the extra step to provide superior customer service. The same principle applies to small shops and boutiques. Customers never have to bring their purchases to the register. This is an especially useful way to sell discrete or embarrassing items. A customer can choose lingerie without displaying it to everyone in the store, for instance. A mobile POS is the ultimate tool for high end customer service representatives and sales people.

Your POS can move with you. It can fit in your hand and accept orders no matter where you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling across the country or just across your store. With a mobile POS, your small business can reach any customer.

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