Tablets are Transforming Technology in Retail POS

Still relying on that bulky and outdated hardware? Tablets are quickly becoming a staple for retailers to drive sales and improve customer engagement. Tablets are not only for Apple or Nordstrom; small retailers, too, are using tablets for a variety of activities.

All of us use our mobile devices to research products before going to the store, so it makes sense that the more-savvy retailers use tablets in their stores to showcase products that are not on the floor, providing consumer information or showing different colors or sizes.

Product marketers are also using tablets to showcase products. For example, Hellman’s Mayonnaise installed tablets on grocery carts that would automatically share recipes based on RFID tags.

This win-win situation is something POS Warehouse feels is a must in today’s economy. For more information on how to retailers are using tablets, check out this informative article and join us for a webinar on February 18 where we will introduce the new QuickBooks Integrated POS with tablet interface.

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