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Technology Tools for a Remote Staff – Remote Access

Managing a business with staff and clients all over the country means you need multiple ways to interact. In this post, I want to talk about communication. The necessity of phone and email go without saying, but here are a few other communication technology tools Fourlane can’t run without:

  • GoToMeeting. Internal meetings, regardless of staff location, are absolutely necessary. Using this online meeting tool enables us to share documents and take turns being presenters during staff meetings. We also use it for client meetings and webinars.
  • LogMeIn. This tool saves us travel time and expense by giving us access to client computers and databases remotely for a project or troubleshooting.
  • Trillian Messaging software. When you don’t have a colleague in the office next door, instant messaging software comes in handy. For answers to quick questions, or to see if someone is available for a client call, make this tool invaluable. We use XXXX, but Google Hangouts, Skype and BigAnt Instant Messenger are other options.

These tools prevent a lot of problems for us by ensuring we remain in touch.

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