Technology Tools for a Remote Staff – File Storage and Sharing

File storage and file sharing is a big concern for our company. Not only does staff need internal documents such as policies and procedures, but we also need to access client files, know when to reconcile their month-end, convert from one accounting software to another or any other myriad of reasons.

One of the tools we like is SmartVault. This cloud-based software allows us to store and share files online. Primarily created for accountants, the system integrates with QuickBooks, Lacerte and ProSeries, allowing easy file access for bookkeeping and tax services. The system has a version control feature that lets you revert to a previous version should you need to. Google Drive has a similar functionality, as does DropBox.

Having a cloud-based solution also provides security measures. These software providers have backups of their backups, located all across the country, protecting from fire, flood, hurricane and theft.

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