Top 10 List of Skills & Expertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource to grow and expand your network of contacts and showcase your professional skillset. LinkedIn has a profile feature called Skills & Expertise allowing you to add specific skills and expertise to your profile and receive endorsements for those skills. Here are my top 10 favorites…


#10 Shepherding

Don’t be a part of the flock, lead the flock. Those who master this skill may find themselves well suited for careers in motivational speaking and day care.


#9 Brunch

Who doesn’t love Mimosas and a succulent bacon and cheese frittata?! The art of brunch should not be underestimated. If you’re looking for a career in the culinary arts, don’t forget about the most important meal of the day…brunch.


#8 Romantic Comedy

Pull up the LinkedIn profiles of Hugh Grant, Zach Efron, Channing Tatum or Drew Barrymore and you’ll see they all have one thing in common – several endorsements for the skill of romantic comedy. Those who master this skill make great baristas and wedding planners.


#7 Interrogation Techniques

Damnit Chloe! I would be amiss not to think that interrogation techniques would be at the forefront of Jack Bauer’s LinkedIn profile. This valuable skill is great for those in marriage counseling or border patrol.


#6 Time Travel

I sure wish I invested in Facebook or Google back in the day. If you’re able to master the skill of time travel, then you probably live a life of no regrets. Those who master this invaluable skill make great loopers and investment bankers.


#5 Counterintelligence

If you’re lucky enough to be connected to Carrie Mathison or Nicholas Brody on LinkedIn (albeit under an alias), you probably share the skill of counterintelligence. Those who master this skill are well suited for careers as a corporate spy or reality TV show contestant.


#4 Girls Night

Are you connected to Carrie Bradshaw on LinkedIn? If you are, you probably share the skill of girls night. Those who master this skill make great event planners and bartenders.


#3 Retaliation

If Jax Teller had a LinkedIn profile, retaliation would be at the top of his skillsets. No one does retaliation quite like SamCro. This skill may be useful for those looking for a job as an NFL offensive lineman or divorce attorney.


#2 Zombies

The LinkedIn profile of Rick Grimes, the gritty hero of the Walking Dead, would not be complete without the skill zombies. He is a true master. Those who master the skill of zombies are perfect for jobs in event security, riot management or tech support.


#1 Bacon

Let’s face it, even vegans and pigs love bacon. This one is a no brainer. Master the skill of bacon and you can pretty much become anything you want to be. The world is your bacon filled oyster.

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