QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale) : How to Install Barcode Scanners

It’s important to install Point of Sale software before you connect any piece of hardware. This includes Star Receipt Printers, Zebra Tag Printers, Physical Inventory Scanners, Logic Control Pole Display, Ingenico PIN Pads, MMF Cash Drawers, Magtek Card Swipers, and Honeywell Barcode Scanners.

This Intuit support article details how to install each of these items.

The first two things you want to do are make sure your Windows system is updated. To do this, click the Start button and select Control Panel > Windows Updates. The second thing is to choose File > Hardware Setup Wizard for guidance through the process. If you’re having issues, visit the website listed above or the instructions below for Barcode Scanner Setup.

Next, make sure the disc that comes with your QuickBooks POS software is in the CD-ROM or download the drivers here. If the Installation Wizard pops up, exit out. Then, open QuickBooks POS. As I mentioned earlier, select File > Hardware Setup Wizard. The onscreen instructions should guide you through the process. Once it’s set up, to scan a barcode, on the computer place your cursor in the POS field where you want the information to be loaded. When you hold your new Barcode Scanner over the barcode, pull the trigger and make sure the laser beam is aiming directly onto the barcode. A beep will signal your success. Intuit suggests holding the scanner closer to smaller barcodes and further away from larger barcodes to make sure the information entered is accurate.

Are you having point of sale hardware trouble? Let us know!

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