QuickBooks Invoice – How to memorize an invoice

Why would you want to memorize an invoice in QuickBooks? If your company charges a flat fee client to client each month, you might want your invoices to be automatically created to save you time and energy.

From your Home page, select “Create Invoices”. From there, choose the invoice you want to memorize by using the back button or the search box. With the invoice open on the screen, select Edit > Memorize Invoice. Or, if you choose, you may also press “Ctrl + M” and the same window will pop up. You have three main choices here: Add to my Reminders List, Do Not Remind Me, and Automate Transaction Entry. After you choose your reminders settings, you may then customize: How Often to post the invoice; the Next Bill Date or posted date; the Number Remaining (however long your contract is with them – if it’s 10 years, and you list your invoice once a month, there would be 120 remaining); Days In Advance To Enter (if you want to get your invoice out the door a little bit early, select the amount of days here, but the posting date will be whatever you select for Next Date).


Once you go to Lists > Memorized Transactions List, you should see your transaction show up here. If you want to create a group, for example Monthly Invoices, you may enter your future memorized transactions into this group for better organization. A great example for this is for a company that does monthly alarm monitoring. They bill their customers a fixed monthly fee and send the invoice out every month. By memorizing a transaction you can automate this process.

How to Choose a Memorized Transaction to Enter Now

Starting in QuickBooks 2012, you are now able to choose which memorized transaction you want to enter when the reminder pops up. This video details the helpful new feature.

A window will pop up, asking if you want to enter them now. You will be able to control whether or not check marks show to the left of the transactions you want to enter now.


After you select “Enter Checked Now”, QuickBooks will give you a pop up letting you know that “QuickBooks has automatically entered __ memorized transaction(s)”. If you then go into your “Lists > Memorized Transactions List”, your transactions should be updated be entered on the next date scheduled.

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