The Top Must-Have Point of Sale System Features

Point of Sale (POS) systems are extremely important for any business to have. Without them, you couldn’t ring up purchases or keep track of your expenses. QuickBooks POS is the leading point of sale system with great features for small business. To find out the top must have POS system features, keep reading below.

Built-in Payment Processing

When searching for a point of sale system, built-in payment processing is an important feature. Authorize, process and record credit or debit card sales is easy with your QuickBooks POS. You will only have to enter the information once, after that it will be logged into the point of sale system. Transactions are handled quickly, which makes dealing with customers simple and easy.

Manage Inventory

In business, inventory is everything. It is the bread and butter of your business. Having a point of sale system that automatically tracks your inventory is vital. A QuickBooks POS keeps track of your inventory so you don’t have to. QuickBooks POS can also track multiple vendors, UPC codes, serial numbers, layaway, and sales orders. It will also generate purchase orders automatically at preset inventory intervals. This point of sale system works hard for you so you can relax a little.

Rewarding your Customers

Customers loved being informed of the fact that they are loyal to you and your company. Especially when they continue to come back to you over and over again. With QuickBooks POS, you can easily track customer contact and purchase information. Just search for the customer by name and see all the information you have for them easily displayed for your convince. This makes reward systems easy to control and send rewards to specific customers.

Ring up Sales on Mobile Devices

Take your business on the go with the mobile feature on QuickBooks POS. If you’re out and about and are able to make a sale for your company then this feature is immensely helpful for you and your business. You will be able to ring up a sale on your tablet or smart phone as well as find sales and inventory information. Everything that is done on your mobile device syncs automatically with your point of sale system.

Use any Computer

You need a point of sale system that is compatible with any device. A QuickBooks POS system is compatible with any computer you already have. You can switch between computers and mobile devices easily. Moreover, a QuickBooks POS simplifies the need for upgrading your computer since you can start on any device with the software.

Finding the right point of sale system for your business is challenging. QuickBooks POS offers the top must have POS system features. It offers built-in payment processing, easily manages inventory, helps you reward your customers, you can use mobile devices, and it’s compatible with any computer. Choose a point of sale system that does everything you need easily and efficiently. Choose QuickBooks POS.

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