Working with Fourlane: Our Return on Investment

I love it when clients share stories of how Fourlane has impacted their business. After all, I started this company to help businesses become more efficient and make better use of technology. Here are some recent wins our client’s have achieved:

Inventory Headaches Resolved. One of our clients was running multiple inventories, up to three times a week, to determine when to do a manufacturing run. By systemizing the bill of materials inside of QuickBooks, the client was able to decrease the number of times inventory is done. Adding this process also helps purchasing know when it is time to order more supplies.

Custom Pricing Simplified. Clients often have different levels of pricing. This can create a customer service nightmare; each time one of their customers calls to place an order, the sales team must search for the right Excel pricelist. Setting up price levels and price rules in QuickBooks allows them to quickly respond to the customer, set up the invoice and make a sale using accurate pricing.

Location, Location, Location. Tracking inventories is never simple, but it gets a lot easier with technology. Setting up multiple warehouses in QuickBooks Enterprise saved one of our clients the hassle of calling each location to see if items were in stock. The quantity on hand by location makes a huge difference in day-to-day operations.

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