Customize Customer Center In QuickBooks

The customer is always right! But maybe sometimes your view of the customer isn’t. You can customize the Customer Center unique to your user log in. This QuickBooks training video walks you through modifying your view of customer information so you can quickly pull the information you need.

1 thought on “Customize Customer Center In QuickBooks”

  1. Hello dear,
    I am working as finance manager with an educational complex, consisting 5 different institutions (Kindergarten, School, Learning center, Medical Institute, and University).
    How could I use quickbooks for the complex as whole, as different institutions with having different faculties, different department within faculty and different classes within dept. And every student have different discounts.
    How should I assign student ID numbers to track the data and whats the best way to organize all the complex.
    I am using quickbooks on mac.
    How many customers and jobs could be added in the quickbooks.
    Your advice and support would be highly appreciated.
    Best Regards

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