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7 Reasons Why Quickbooks Enterprise Is the Best Inventory Management Software

Why Quickbooks Enterprise Is the Best Inventory Management Software

Quickbooks has long been an accounting industry powerhouse, and for good reason.

Since its inception in 1992, the software has claimed more than 80% of the market share. One of the reasons for its sustained growth?

Over the years, Quickbooks has released new products that cater to the unique needs of its growing number of subscribers. Quickbooks Enterprise is one of those products.

Designed to be the best inventory management software in the industry, this solution is quickly gaining ground. Today, we’re exploring seven reasons why it’s besting competitors and earning new accolades.

Could it be time to upgrade your existing Quickbooks version to this one? Read on to find out!

1. Increased Customization

Are you already using Quickbooks Pro or Premier?

If so, you recognize the benefits of custom fields. You have access to five with Pro and seven with Premier.

With the Enterprise version, those fields are more than doubled.

Now, users have access to 15 custom fields, along with 12 individual name fields. You can also program input specifications and drop-down menus into each field.

This improved customization allows users to capture and manage more data. The result? Access to more advanced search functions and improved custom reporting efforts.

2. Advanced Pricing Module

Trying to force your pricing models to fit the narrow confines of standard accounting software can be a complete nightmare. Many businesses require a level of individualization that these solutions can’t provide.

Thankfully, Quickbooks Enterprise allows users to customize their pricing structure. Now, you can differentiate your prices by product and customer. You’ll do so by applying different rules to each unit.

This allows you to provide personalized discounts and promotions at a more granular level than before. Leveraging the software’s Advanced Pricing feature, you can even establish special pricing rules for certain customer types.

3. Mobile Barcode Scanning

Does your business sell physical products of any kind? Inventory tracking can be one of the most laborious and time-consuming parts of warehouse management.

This is where Quickbooks Enterprise’s new mobile barcode scanning feature comes into play. As soon as your warehouse receives sales orders, employees can use the scanner to pick products quicker and more easily.

This eliminates the need for them to manually enter the information into a database. In addition to saving time, it also lowers the risk of user error. In an instant, your inventory numbers will update to reflect the most recent numbers.

4. Greater User Capacity

There are myriad employees across various departments who can benefit from Quickbooks Enterprise. As such, a greater user capacity was necessary.

With this version, you can now have up to 30 individual users logged into the platform at the same time.

The best part? They can tap into the system from anywhere, with the capacity for both local and remote access.

Of course, with extended accessibility comes the need to set user restrictions and data privacy safeguards. To this end, Quickbooks Enterprise allows managers to set more permissions to restrict sensitive data and bank account access to only those users who require it.

5. Expanded Inventory Lines

It isn’t uncommon for large enterprises to have an enormous inventory list that far exceeds the 14,500 lines allowed by Quickbooks Pro and Premier.

With Quickbook Enterprise, users who have lamented such limitations in the past will rejoice that this version allows you to list up to one million items. Combined with the software’s other advanced inventory tools, this makes the platform a go-to solution, especially for companies with vast and varied product lines.

6. Improved Inventory Tracking

Does your organization operate multiple warehouses, spread across various locations? If so, it can be difficult to keep track of stock levels at each one.

To meet customer demand and avoid expensive delays, you need immediate insight into where your stock is located and the exact quantities that remain. Quickbooks Enterprise includes an Advanced Inventory feature that makes this real-time visibility possible.

Want to take it a step further? By clicking the software’s “Bin” feature, you can instantly see exactly where in each warehouse each item resides. The numbers on your screen will always reflect up-to-the-minute data and current sales history.

Whether you’re tracking serial numbers, lot numbers, or both, you can use this tool to see in one click how many items you’ve sold. This means you never run the risk of understocking.

7. Wide Range of Editions

This isn’t Quickbooks’ first rodeo. The accounting software experts know that business leaders across various sectors will require their own specialized editions of Quickbooks Enterprise.

To meet this need, there are many different kinds available, all custom-designed to fit the individual needs and nuances of each industry, including:

  • Non-Profit
  • Accounting
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Contractor
  • Professional Services

Regardless of the specific edition you select, the above-mentioned features are available on every one. The only difference? You’ll also enjoy access to niche-specific tools right on your dashboard.

This allows you to maximize your Quickbooks Enterprise investment and encourage user adoption across departments.

Discover the Best Inventory Management Software Today

Are you tired of dealing with inefficient inventory tracking and reporting tools? Feeling like you’ve exceeded the limits of Quickbooks Pro or Premier?

You don’t have to ignore the challenges. It’s time to leverage the best inventory management software for your needs, and Quickbooks Enterprise is the answer.

Full of the feature-rich tools you need to take control of your warehouse and maximize operations, it’s the must-have solution that all your teams can enjoy.

To learn more about Quickbooks products or discover the benefits of software consultancy, get in touch today and let’s connect.

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