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What is the Advantage of Using QuickBooks Point of Sale

What sets QuickBooks point of sale software apart from the competition? There are plenty of great point of sale products available. As the market evolves, taking e-commerce options and multichannel selling into consideration, the options begin to increase. Despite the rising challenges, QuickBooks point of sale software remains the leader in integrated features and multitasking capabilities. Few other systems do as much to reduce busy work and errors. All the while, it also gives users the tools to get more done in less time. This article seeks to explore the advantages of using QuickBooks point of sale. The focus is to pay particular attention to the unique features and capabilities afforded by the developer.

Integrated Features

QuickBooks designs its products to work well, both individually and together. There are a number of unique features that only come into play when you utilize multiple QuickBooks products. Other features become even more effective and easy to use when paired with a second product. QuickBooks point of sale software works particularly well with QuickBooks bookkeeping software. Together, they work to eliminate a surprising amount of busy work. This allows businesses to get rid of peripheral job roles and time-consuming tasks.

Obviously, you want to make payroll easier. For this reason, you might consider integrating QuickBooks point of sale and bookkeeping software. Both kinds of programs offer some great payroll support tools that make the job easier. They work seamlessly to essentially perform the entire task. This includes hourly pay, overtime pay, and commission bonuses. This is possible because the system has access to all relevant data and applications, from the beginning of the process to the very end.

The programs complement each others’ basic functions as well. Bookkeeping is vastly easier when your point of sale software communicates directly with your bookkeeping software, for instance. Your workflow grows smoother and far less complicated due to these automated steps and aids. Any task your software can complete on its own is time and money saved for your business. The fact that direct communication between the point of sale and bookkeeping programs reduces errors provides a further benefit to your finances.


Very few businesses can afford to assign one task at a time, especially in front of house positions. Small businesses usually have a handful of employees available to handle a disproportionate number of roles. For example, two employees may be in charge of running the register, tidying the sales floor, assisting customers, arranging new sales displays, and preventing petty theft. When a manager fills a front of house role, it puts their multitasking skills to the test, even more.

A manager must handle not only front of house tasks but also back of house tasks, simultaneously. This means more than just arranging new sales displays. It also includes using point of sale software to create sales for the next week. Managers using QuickBooks point of sale software have access to all the tools they need to fill multiple functions without leaving the register. Their system gives them the power to review employee hours one minute and assist a customer with a layaway purchase the next. The software is designed to support multitasking, too. As a result, you can switch between functions without losing work.

Error Reduction

We briefly mentioned error reduction earlier, but this benefit deserves closer examination. The register is the choke-point for essentially any type of business. Cashiers finalize sales, but they also provide rudimentary customer service and prevent complaints from escalating. These varied roles slow down a cashier’s primary role. This leads to dissatisfied customers, which hurts your bottom line. Working the register is stressful. Study after study confirms that the more stress an employee suffers, the more errors appear in their work. Errors at your point of sale create immediate problems. They also create bigger problems down the line.

QuickBooks point of sale reduces minor errors and helps prevent later consequences. The intuitive layout makes it easy for cashiers to navigate regular checkout processes. The same features that allow multitasking also prevent a lot of accidental data loss and repeated work. Both of these frequently lead to additional errors. Every small, supporting feature allows employees to work faster and create accurate records the first time.

By linking your point of sale and bookkeeping software, you reduce the chance of corrupting data as it’s transferred between different programs. Products from the same developer offer better communication. Automated functions also reduce the chance of user error.

Choosing the right point of sale system will revolutionize your productivity and profit margins. It’s amazing what the right tools can do, especially when multitasking and error reduction are involved. QuickBooks point of sale solutions are hardly the only POS software on the market, but they have truly unique advantages that benefit users. To save money today and build better books for tomorrow, consider QuickBooks point of sale.

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