Core Values – Revisiting

About a year ago, I wrote about developing our company’s core values after reading Verne Harnish’s Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. His book argues that a strong culture, driven by core values, brings clarity to an organization, reducing the need for policies and procedures and bringing clarity within.

We established core values in 2014. When the management team looked back at them at the beginning of 2015, we decided they just didn’t work for us. As a company, we’re evolving. Our management team is changing, and we thought we should change our core values to better reflect the company we want to be.

As a result, our team put together three simple core values to guide us everyday; there will be more on these in my next few posts.

Our intent is to be transparent with these goals. We mention them at the beginning of each team meeting so that they become a strong part of the culture. We also frame our company successes through our core values. In other words, we tell stories about our team and our company that showcase our values in action.

Do you have core values? How do you share them?

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