Five Reasons to Upgrade to QuickBooks POS

Are you about to launch a business and don’t know what to do about point-of-sale? Do you use a POS system, but find it clunky, slow, or difficult to understand? QuickBooks POS is a great way to stay on top of inventory, speed your sales process, and even balance your books. Best of all, QuickBooks POS comes with the support you need to thrive.

1. Simplified user interface

Some POS systems feel like they were designed for someone who double-majored in Accounting and Computer Science. QuickBooks keeps things simple. Its designers work hard to make sure anyone and everyone can use it. You won’t have to dig out your manual every hour. A simplified, easy to understand interface keeps your lines flowing smoothly.

2. Inventory is simplified

Inventory is arguably one of the most important jobs for any business, and also one of the most boring! Doing things by hand takes forever and it can often lead to a lot of human error. Until the day that we have fully automated all stores, we’re going to need the input and oversight of humans. However, we’re not known for being perfect.

QuickBooks POS makes inventory much easier. It can account for every sale that comes through your store, including cash and credit. It uses the sales information to track your store’s inventory in real time. A simple QuickBooks search will show you what’s in stock, what you’re running low on, and even which items are selling rapidly. Say goodbye to the days when your shelves sat empty while an in-demand item languished in the back. Now you can keep track of what’s selling in time to order more, or just refill the shelves.

3. Credit card processing is a snap

Credit card processing is notorious for creating long lines, which often leads to unhappy customers. Unhappy customers will lose you money and potentially spread the word about your poor service.

QuickBooks POS handles credit card payments easily. It won’t throw off your inventory count. It will allow your employees to pick up the pace and bring more customers through the lines more quickly. QuickBooks is up to the task to help you with your busiest Black Friday rush.

4. Tech support when you need it most

QuickBooks’ simple navigation and user-friendly interface work wonders for getting you out of sticky situations. However, it’s safe to assume that you’re going to have questions at some point during your use of QuickBooks POS. If you’re wondering how something is working in your POS, AccuPOS is there to help. Contact their tech support team and get to the bottom of your question. Whether you’ve noticed that something isn’t working or you’re unsure of how to accomplish your goals, tech support can help you get your point-of-sale system in order. That kind of support is invaluable.

5. Works well with other QuickBooks products

If you’re already using QuickBooks Accounting software, you’re in for a real treat when you upgrade to QuickBooks POS. The electronic system can be set up to automatically record details of sales information, and then transfer them to your QuickBooks Accounting system. This makes handling your accounts easier than ever. You can eliminate double-entries and human errors in recording when you let the machines handle it. Upgrading to QuickBooks POS allows you to put all your information in one place for easy viewing.

QuickBooks has a great POS system. By integrating it with the QuickBooks software already at work, you save time, money, and headaches. These five advantages will speed up every area of your business. If you need additional information or are interested in purchasing QuickBooks POS, contact Fourlane today!

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