Why the Best POS Systems Use Cloud Technology

Most new POS systems on the market today use Cloud technology, but not all. Some still use legacy POS systems, which require at least one physical server you must keep in your business. These have many drawbacks, but Cloud technology is superior on its own merits, not just the competition’s flaws. We’ve gone over some of Cloud technology’s chief advantages below, and you can see for yourself why the best point of sale systems use the Cloud. A Secure Backup

Backing up your data is a basic business practice. It prevents disaster in the case of an IT crisis and provides a safety net in case of a hack. Countless products have flooded the market, providing hardware options, such as thumb drives and external hard drives, as well as software services. While these options prevent total data loss, they are easily stolen, lost, or corrupted. It’s dangerous to trust your business’s critical information to technology that could fit inside a purse or pocket. It’s also possible to lose information you gathered between saves in the case of system failure or a hacking crisis.

Cloud based POS software stores your information in the Cloud automatically. Your information is automatically saved. This is already an improvement on the old system, because many backup systems simply store your information in the Cloud. In a sense, your first save is also your first backup. Many Cloud based point of sale software comes with built in backup features as well. If anything happens, you’ll have an extra copy of your information. However, your first save is already safe in case of power loss, and is more resistant to hackers. You will never have to worry about the onsite servers in your back office overheating during a power outage ever again.

Rapid Maintenance

No matter how great your system is, eventually, you will run into problems. It could be a software compatibility issue, a problem with the storage, or simply a major update. Regardless, at some point, you will need a professional to take a look at your point of sale system. When that time comes, however, Cloud based point of sale systems give you several advantages. For instance, by using Cloud storage, you prevent the risk of problems with your onsite servers and the costly maintenance and repairs that come with them. The benefits of Cloud maintenance go well beyond that, though.

When you run Cloud software, which is essentially the same thing as SaaS, Software as a Service, the company you pay your monthly dues to has easy, immediate access to the Cloud’s mechanics. Their technicians may fix problems before you even know they exist. They can also spot problems other customers face and make adjustments to prevent the rest of their clients from being inconvenienced. If you do have an issue, contacting support is quick and easy. Rather than waiting for a technician to come to your place of work, the technician can simply access the Cloud remotely. You don’t have to pay for their travel time and gas, and they can serve more clients more efficiently. It’s a winning system for both sides. This means developers are leaning towards Cloud technology for their own benefit, too. So, it’s a safe bet that the vast majority of software in the near future will depend on Cloud technology.


You cannot travel with a physical server. If you run a seasonal storefront, perform mobile services, or simply sell at conventions and symposiums, you need a mobile POS. Naturally, you can buy such software separately, but then you face the burden of additional costs and additional hassle. After all, you have to figure out how to get information from one point of sale system to the other. A mobile point of sale also helps keep your business connected. It’s easy to communicate with your other programs, and the right mobile POS can even handle a large amount of your bookkeeping for you.

Cloud based POS software allows you to leave doors open for potential expansions. Even if you don’t need a mobile POS just yet, Cloud based software allows you to scale your service based on need. Even if you use a regular desktop computer in your storefront, the possibility of adding mobile hardware that can communicate with your primary POS system is always open.

The best POS systems use the Cloud because the Cloud provides the best options for businesses. Small businesses have room to grow, but don’t have to pay for more than they need. Large businesses can communicate quickly and easily across great distances using the same software. It is safer than relying on a physical server and offers superior protection for your data. Maintenance is a breeze, and if you decide you need your POS to go new places, it’s easy to pack up and go.

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