Advantages of QuickBooks POS

Your POS software makes a critical difference in employee performance and customer satisfaction. Slow systems annoy customers and limit productivity. Fast systems, like QuickBooks POS, allow rapid sales. QuickBooks also provides the features busy businesses need in order to handle shifting demand. Not many POS systems can multitask as well as their operators, and even fewer can shift and integrate to accommodate additional software and fresh challenges.


Businesses grow, shift, and even shrink based on customer demand. Most aspects of business already reflect this fact. After all, this is why businesses post seasonal jobs during peak seasons and rent rather than buy the vast majority of their storefronts and offices. These practices keep overhead low and enable decision makers to shift resources to match fluctuating demand. QuickBooks not only provides SaaS products to match rapidly growing businesses, but they also create several different versions of their desktop software. Recent start-ups can find software to suit their needs at a reasonable price just as easily as multi-store business through QuickBooks’ options.


QuickBooks is still known primarily for their state of the art bookkeeping software. Their products are known for superior communication and integration capabilities, and their POS software is no exception. While either the bookkeeping or POS software work well separately, they work even better as a team. Not only can you directly link your QuickBooks POS and bookkeeping programs, but both programs include unique features that benefit from working together. For instance, with both programs linked, the programs’ automated features ensure you essentially never have to worry about payroll ever again. QuickBooks aims to improve every part of user experience, including integrated program performance. Automated functions relieve a greater burden from your workload, than either program could individually. These functions come as a bonus on top of your POS system’s individual features.

Even the desktop software is flexible. You may not need a mobile POS when you first purchase your software, but If you need a mobile POS, all current versions of QuickBooks desktop POS allow you to ring up sales through your smart phone or tablet. This, of course, also provides a back-up in case of hardware malfunction. You can continue running your business with a tablet while a primary desktop computer undergoes repairs.

Customer Service Features

Even if your business is large enough to support a separate customer service desk in your storefront, that is rarely a customer’s first destination. Since stores set their POS close to the front entrance, many visitors bring their requests and questions to a cashier first. Forcing customers to go to a different desk creates a negative experience. A cashier who can handle their problems immediately, however, generates customer confidence and loyalty. The best cashiers are equipped to deal with customer service.

With QuickBooks POS, cashiers have access to the most accurate sales and inventory information. With this information, they can quickly and accurately answer questions about merchandise availability with confidence. Cashiers can just as easily handle discounts, accept returns, provide gift receipts, and even offer store credit. With these abilities, your cashiers can become powerful customer service representatives.

Management Tools

We briefly mentioned QuickBooks POS’ payroll feature, but the software comes with many more advantages for managers or owners who double as front-of-house associates. QuickBooks POS includes over fifty automated report functions, and creating an original report is quick and easy. Managers can draw up reports during down times, and owners can plan the next months’ goals based on current performance numbers. They can also check vendor information, review inventory, and adjust prices through their POS software. Often, management is all about multitasking, and having the right software can help your employees handle their various assignments in an expedient manner.


QuickBooks POS programs have taken all of the above features and adapted them to our modern work pace. QuickBooks, unlike the vast majority of its competition, allows users to multitask. This makes it even easier for managers using the system to swap between management and service roles if a customer enters the store while they were examining the payroll. Cashiers can look up answers to customer questions without abandoning a half-completed transaction. Your employees no longer have to choose between tasks. This unique system accommodates the pace of modern business.

There are many POS systems on the market, but few are as well-attuned to your business’s needs as QuickBooks. There’s something to say for simplicity, but simplicity is not the same thing as efficiency. QuickBooks comes with more features than the average POS system, but every single one has a clear purpose. These features boost your employees’ ability to meet customer demand and improve your management’s ability to wear the many hats they must don throughout a day’s work. Whether you’re an established store looking to boost sales or you’re just starting out, QuickBooks POS has the solutions your business needs.

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