Fourlane Employee Profile: Services Manager Kat Roskovics

We are so excited to feature our amazing Services Manager Kat Roskovics this week! Kat has been Fourlane for nearly 8 years and is one of our oldest employees. With a strong knowledge of accounting software and systems, her curiosity and commitment to helping clients, and her experience with diverse sectors, Kat, truly, brings a personal and unique experience to each client and colleague.

Laying the Foundation

Kat’s strong accounting foundation was laid in her early years. Growing up she had a passion for science, a knack for computer systems, and a natural gift for math. While she had thought that Computer Science was what she wanted to do, she ultimately decided to change her major. However, computer science was a great addition to her toolbox.

I liked how systems talked to one another and I wanted to streamline that process.

Instead, she decided that she would take business courses. All it took was a great professor in her Accounting 101 course to solidify her decision in Accounting. She attended the University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business where she majored in Accounting and Mathematics. This began her nearly 20-year career in accounting working with diverse clients in different sectors.

Diverse Knowledge

Before college, Kat had interacted with different accounting systems, which piqued her interest in software systems. She quickly learned the importance of setting up a system right and how powerful it is to teach others how to correctly use and maintain it. Although this is true in construction, professional services, and other industries, nowhere is this more important than in the non-profit sector.

Training is a huge deal for non-profits. It can be cost prohibitive but I want to make sure I can empower them to be able to handle a lot on their own.

Kat meets clients where they are at. While she is a master troubleshooter and our first line of defense, she wants to make sure clients are set up right the first time around.

Path to Fourlane

Kat Roskovics Fourlane Services ManagerBecause of her love of accounting and software, Kat wanted to expand her knowledge around the most widely used accounting product. And it was as if fate knew Kat was looking for her next opportunity to grow. Kat happened to be taking a QuickBooks workshop by our own Fourlane CEO Marjorie Adams and asked if she could do accounting consultant work with the burgeoning company. One thing led to another and…

It’s been awesome that Marjorie is good at helping people reach their potential.

Kat was one of the first employees to onboard to Fourlane and, thanks to Kat’s initiative, it’s been a great match ever since! She first began at Fourlane as Senior Software Consultant and, a few years later, as a Bookkeeping Services Manager. Now, you know her as one of our amazing Services Manager. In fact, words used to describe her by clients like you have been “extremely knowledgeable,” “solutions-driven,” and “understanding.”

Client Connections

It is really important to understand where their passion is.

When talking to Kat, you can hear in her words how much she enjoys working with clients. Like the old adage, “teach a man to fish,” her goal is to teach her clients the systems so they can feel empowered. Whether that is training a client’s staff on how to properly utilize their POS system or helping an accountant understand the many possibilities for QuickBooks integrations and customizations.

Kat is quick to emphasize that she likes to understand her clients; both as a business and on a personal level. She “learned by doing it” in her early years, and takes every opportunity to learn for herself and share her knowledge with clients. With each and every client, she wants to make sure that you feel like you are getting a lot of value out of your time with her.

Looking Forward

With conversion season coming up, Kat is readying her team for what is coming up. She is also feeling optimistic with the new updates to QuickBooks that the inventory issues in the past will be improved, thanks to Pick, Pack, and Ship and Cycle Counts.

Feeling Strong and Family FunKat-Roskovics-Family-daughter-Fourlane

Kat has had quite the year: her daughter turned one, she finished a Spartan Race, and she went to Iceland! It’s safe to say, she doesn’t only have brains, she also has brawn. In her free time, you can find her training for a marathon, doing OrangeTheory, and hiking. Kat also very much treasures spending time with her four children and husband, whether they are enjoying time in the Ohio snow or involved in school activities. Certifications: QuickBooks, QuickBooks Point of Sale and Enterprise Solutions

Specialties: Not-for-profit, Construction, and Retail

Years Experience: 20

Years At Fourlane: 7.5

Individuals Impacted at Fourlane: 1,034

Home Base: Cleveland, OhioWe think Kat is wonderful and you probably do as well! Connect with her on LinkedIn or tell her how great she is on her ProAdvisor Profile.

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