How to Sign-Up for a QuickBooks Merchant Account

You probably found yourself here because you have QuickBooks Point of Sale and are looking to do payment processing. There are many payment processing systems on the market, with different fees attached and benefits. Luckily, Intuit makes it easy with QuickBooks Merchant Account and their QuickBooks GoPayment app. Learn more about Intuit’s Processing System and how to sign up for it.


There are so many benefits to using QuickBooks Payments. So many that it needs a list!

  1. Low transaction rates available. The rates for processing fees are some of the lowest among competitors. As mentioned before, the rates are flat so you know ahead of time without getting surprise fees.
  2. It is mobile-friendly! Yes, Intuit knows that we are tech savvy (or at least try to be). With its GoPayment App, you can make transactions through your phone. Whether you use their GoPayment reader or scan or key enter the credit card information in.
  3. Seamless Integration with QuickBooks. QuickBooks Payments (along with its GoPayment App) seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. It’s a no-hassle process!
  4. Other benefits. Intuit Merchant Services also includes invoicing with Pay Now, eCommerce support, and ACH payments.

What are the rates?

For QuickBooks Payments, the pricing is based on a tiered structure. For QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments, you have two options to fit your needs.

Basic Plan:

  • Monthly Fee: $0.00
  • Swiped Credit/Debit: 2.7% + $0.00 per transaction
  • PIN Debit: 1.0% + $0.00 per transaction
  • Keyed: 3.4% + $0.00 per transaction

Pro Plan:

  • Monthly Fee: $19.95
  • Swiped Credit/Debit: 2.3% + $0.25 per transaction
  • PIN Debit: 1.0% + $0.25 per transaction
  • Keyed: 3.2% + $0.25 per transaction

To determine which plan is best for you, you will want to consider how many transactions you make, the price of those transactions, and your overall income from processing payments. For instance, if you make a lot of small transactions, you will want to consider if the Basic or Pro plan will give you the best fee rate in the long-term for your business.

Signing Up

Follow these steps to get signed up QuickBooks Payments:

  1. You can go HERE to sign-up for QuickBooks Payments and for the tier-pricing that is right for you – the Basic (Pay-as-you-go) or Pro (monthly) plan.
  2. You will then receive your own merchant account. You will be able to see the transactions that have been processed along with the attached fees, invoices, etc.
  3. When you have your merchant account, you can integrate it into your QuickBooks and download the GoPayment App on Google Play or the Apple Store.
  4. Tailor it to your needs! Set up recurring payments and attach a GoPayment reader. You are ready to go!

Contact us to get started

If you want to start using QuickBooks Payments with your POS system, need to customize your payment processing, or want an Intuit Payment Services account review, contact us now!

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