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Fourth Quarter QuickBooks File Review

For many businesses, the fourth quarter is spent prepping for, and completing, year-end taxes. That’s what makes it the perfect time for a QuickBooks File Review from Fourlane.

Customers frequently come to us with problems in their QuickBooks file. For example, they started using Square to conduct sales and now they’re seeing double income in their chart of accounts. Perhaps, their Items List isn’t reconciling properly, so they need help with setup and training. Maybe, they feel like their accounting practices are just taking too long and want some expertise on improving their workflow and QuickBooks usage.
Before we can make specific recommendations, we perform a File Review. This small investment allows us to analyze your QuickBooks file and provide you a comprehensive report on how it’s working. We look at workflows, list items and usage, transaction types and usage, and more.

When you purchase a QuickBooks File Review from Fourlane, we commit to:

  • A thorough analysis. The 67-point file review takes into account nearly all aspects of your QuickBooks file and internal processes.
  • Great service. You’ll receive a welcome letter from a real person on our service team, who will let you know what he or she needs to get the job done and the timeframe. As a result, we hope you’ll never question what’s happening on our end.
  • Action plan. Once the file review is complete, we’ll schedule a call to review the findings and discuss the next steps. We’ll provide prioritized recommendations, based on the QuickBooks File Review and your objectives.

Contact us today to get started with your QuickBooks File Review. It will give you a jump-start on 4th quarter!

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