Link Your POS and Bookkeeping with QuickBooks

Your POS system does not operate in a vacuum. Even if you do not link it to other systems, it collects vital information that you must transmit to other parts of your business. It’s important to not only find a POS system that interacts with your customer database and inventory, but also links efficiently to your bookkeeping software. By sending information directly from your POS system to your bookkeeping software, you save valuable time, significant money, and dramatically reduce the risk of errors. Since bookkeeping allows you to essentially take your business’s pulse, it’s crucial to have accurate, up to date information in your books at all times. Accepting anything less is an invitation for mismanagement of resources and potential tax problems.

QuickBooks provides excellent POS and bookkeeping software. These systems are designed to link for optimal communication. Choosing QuickBooks is not only the most efficient option for your business, but also the most affordable.

Save Time

The clear benefit of linking systems is saving time. Any system that does not communicate with your bookkeeping software demands extra labor. Entire jobs are based around data entry. Adding these tasks to your schedule or your employees’ job descriptions wastes productivity.

No matter how streamlined your system, transferring data eats up hours, and using different POS and bookkeeping software is an invitation for communication errors. Double checking automated systems that communicate between different software takes even more time. Sometimes checking for errors is more time consuming than the actual work of manually entering your sales information into your books. A growing business has to balance between increased customer demands and available labor. Making extra work for yourself or your employees stunts your capacity for growth and limits your ability to take advantage of key opportunities.

Save Money

Since time is money, all of the above points translate into money saved as well as time saved. Linking your POS and bookkeeping systems offer more opportunities for savings, however. At the very least, you may be able to save money by buying new POS and bookkeeping software together. Many sellers offer bundle deals, after all. Even if you already have QuickBooks software for bookkeeping or POS, this is an excellent opportunity for an upgrade.

All QuickBooks software is designed with efficiency and economy in mind. QuickBooks uses special features to help your business get the most out of its daily operations, and their products themselves provide an unparalleled degree of flexibility. Switching to QuickBooks will save you money.

Why QuickBooks?

QuickBooks sits at the top of the market for a reason. The company and its software have won multiple awards, and it’s by far the most recognized and trusted software brand for small businesses. QuickBooks’ scalability is one of its key design elements. Through new and developing options like QuickBooks Online, you can easily swap between services on a monthly basis, ensuring you always have the bookkeeping software you need. It’s great for growing businesses and allows established business owners to effectively manage finances.

QuickBooks’ POS systems are just as innovative and user-friendly as their bookkeeping software. Programs maximize efficiency while ensuring users have easy access to information. These systems are more than a numbers tank for the day’s sales. QuickBooks POS allows you to access inventory, sales, and customer information at a glance. You can send all relevant information to QuickBooks’ financial products with a click, allowing you to dig into the additional features available to help grow your business. For instance, you can easily track an item’s performance, allowing you to rapidly spot profitable trends or unprofitable items.

Working Together

Together, QuickBooks POS and bookkeeping software can do the work of one or more employees with little to no prompting. Automated systems allow a number of key features to run independently. While it’s easy to track and update any automated processes, they don’t require regular management.

Through QuickBooks, you can manage employee payroll and hours, prepare for taxes in advance, track item performance, develop a rewards program, and more. During slow times, you don’t have to choose between being productive and remaining on duty at the front desk in case customers come in. You can adjust sales and discounts directly through your POS system. You can also check your inventory and update prices effortlessly without leaving your storefront unstaffed.

If you need to save time or money, linking QuickBooks POS software with QuickBooks bookkeeping software is your best option. Not only does the direct link prevent errors, but it also saves you from the additional time and cost of manual data entry. This award winning software provides the scalability and resources your business needs without adding to your schedule. There is little these paired systems cannot do. Between the linked systems’ efficiency and affordability, it’s difficult for other branded software to compete.

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