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Help with QuickBooks: A Comprehensive Guide to QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Enterprise Support

Intuit designed its QuickBooks financial management software line to meet every business at its point of need, from the smallest sole proprietorship to global enterprise operations. But even the most streamlined version of QuickBooks is full of rich features. 

With so many functions, features, add-ons, and integrations, users must have a way to find fast, reliable, accurate support when needed. 

Fourlane created this comprehensive guide to getting help with QuickBooks so you can navigate the different support options, including manuals, chat, phone support, and more.

QuickBooks Support for Online Editions

Intuit makes multiple versions of QuickBooks and provides different direct support options for general QuickBooks questions and more advanced or version-specific questions. Let’s start by looking at Intuit’s QuickBooks support for QuickBooks Online.

Intuit’s QuickBooks Online Phone Support

Intuit’s phone number for general QuickBooks help is 1-800-446-8848. Their support team is available Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time. For QuickBooks Online Advanced, phone support is available 24/7.

Online Chat Support

You can open your version of QuickBooks and select “QuickBooks Help,” and then:

  • Select Contact Us.
  • Give a brief description of your issue.
  • Select Continue.
  • Sign in to your Intuit account.
  • Select Continue.
  • Choose Chat support.

Community Forums

You can get 24/7 help with QuickBooks through Intuit’s QuickBooks Community forum. Post your questions to other QuickBooks users in the official forum, organized by topic with search and notifications.

In addition to Intuit’s Community Forum, you may also see references to Intuit’s Knowledge Base and Help Center. Each resource is part of Intuit’s main Learn and Support page, where you can search for specific topics, videos, articles, and community support.

User Manuals and Documentation

Intuit provides several training resources to help familiarize you with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online User Guide

Intuit provides a PDF to help users get started with QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Video Tutorials

You can find a series of “getting started” videos to help familiarize beginning users with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Enterprise Support

Intuit provides support that is unique to the QuickBooks Enterprise line.

Dedicated QuickBooks Enterprise Support Line

QuickBooks Enterprise comes with 24/7 phone support at 1-866-935-7237. For more tailored support, contact Fourlane today.

For live support:

  • Sign in to your Intuit account.
  • Request for a call or chat.
  • Intuit will contact you (call back).

If you choose Enterprise Live Chat Support, do the following:

  • Start from the Enterprise Help menu.
  • Select Message Us (chat).
  • Start a conversation online with a QuickBooks expert.

Customized Solutions for Enterprise Users

QuickBooks Enterprise users enjoy 24/7 premium support and on-demand training with QuickBooks Priority Circle. Enterprise users can get individualized support for Advanced Reporting and Data Analytics features, extensive online training at their own pace, live chat, and phone.

Fourlane’s Comprehensive Support and Training Services

Fourlane has a team of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors who have assisted thousands of clients in numerous industries, using all QuickBooks Online and Enterprise versions. 

Two colleagues shaking hands during a meeting at work

Support and Consulting for Every Situation

At Fourlane, we know our way around the QuickBooks software but also understand the intricacy of the financial processes involved. 

Whether you need individualized QuickBooks Enterprise help or need us to customize integrations matching your operational specifications, we’re up to the challenge.

We offer affordable support plans to match your needs on monthly and annual plans, with price breaks based on users and customizations needed.

Quick Access to QuickBooks Help: Fourlane’s Process

Fourlane QuickBooks Support is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST Monday through Friday. To contact us for support, follow our simple process below:

  • Send an email to our QuickBooks support desk.
  • Tell us your issue’s urgency level and any details that can help us diagnose and solve it.
  • Tell us the best times to contact you.

Within an hour, we’ll send you an email response with a meeting time. Additionally, Fourlane provides Slack chat support upon request.

The following are examples of the types of support we offer:

  • Troubleshooting software issues
  • QuickBooks license problems
  • End user issues
  • Diagnosing software error vs. user error
  • Verification fails
  • Troubleshooting user security permissions
  • Software installation
  • Product registration
  • Diagnosing corruption
  • QuickBooks error codes

Fourlane Webinars

Fourlane is active in the financial management community. One of our core principles as a leader in QuickBooks services involves education. We continuously release new webinars and categorize playlists on our YouTube channel to make it easy to learn from our beginner, intermediate, and advanced video tutorials on QuickBooks Online and Enterprise.

For example, we feature a playlist of videos for:

Fourlane Blog

We also regularly address topics of industry interest, updates about features, and timely QuickBooks-related notices on our blog. The articles focus on topics our clients care about, offering an inside glimpse at the unique needs people have from different industries and what challenges they face with their financial management software.

Fourlane’s Articles and Insights blog covers topics like:

QuickBooks Training Courses

Fourlane offers customizable QuickBooks training. We can tailor training to match your experience level and adapt industry-specific lessons. We offer free weekly webinars and QuickBooks courses.

Here are some of the topics we cover.


  • Prepare for Set Up
  • Chart of Accounts and Items
  • Customers, Jobs, and Vendors
  • Customize Your Forms
  • Invoice and Accounts Receivable Basics
  • Accounts Payable Basics
  • Banking Basics


  • Step Up Your Set Up Knowledge
  • Customize Your Centers
  • Chart of Accounts Done Right
  • Inventory and Services
  • Inventory Activities
  • Sales Tax
  • Communicating with Your CPA
  • More Customization—Custom Fields
  • More Lists for Better Tracking
  • Quotes, Estimates, and Sales Orders
  • Intermediate Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable Scenarios
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll Set Up and Use
  • Reports You Need to Know


  • Advanced File Set Up—Importing Lists
  • Understanding Accounting
  • Advanced Accounts Receivable
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Advanced Review for Accountants
  • Troubleshooting in QuickBooks

Fourlane also offers the same training specifically for QuickBooks Enterprise.

Comparing Support Options: Intuit vs. Fourlane

Both Intuit and Fourlane offer extensive help resources for QuickBooks users. But, there are some important distinctions.

Intuit Support

Intuit has ensured that QuickBooks users can find support when and where needed, from online resources to a quick click inside the application.

You can access online tools, lessons, community help, and live support, though Intuit reserves the most extensive and immediate support for premium users.

Live support from Intuit is likely to cover broader topics up to an intermediate level of expertise and not necessarily provide users with a step-by-step solution to complex file corruption issues or ongoing migration.

Because there are millions of QuickBooks users, it is understandable that Intuit can’t provide premier-level support to every individual question that needs attention. Instead, they’ve focused on building a quality platform for the community, where many of the challenges a user faces will likely have a solution someone else has discovered.

Fourlane Support

With Fourlane, users can expect a more personalized experience. Our experts are the most knowledgeable in the industry, quick to respond, and sure to have the answers to any question or problem, great or small.

Fourlane provides many of the same resources as Intuit, with tutorials, videos, and blogs covering topics our customers want to learn about. But we go beyond Intuit’s wide coverage approach to problem-solving. At Fourlane, our experts have helped clients map out complex migrations that took weeks to complete, working with them remotely during every step of the process.

We advise clients on the right version of QuickBooks to use. There’s a lot to consider with industry-specific editions, whether ease of use matters more than the depth of features, and dozens of ways a user can optimize settings to match their operations.

Young business man helping clients over the phone.

We advise clients about changes to preference settings and what integrations will best cater to their unique needs. We have walked clients through problems with corrupt company files that needed to be reduced and split into multiple files. 

Simply put, Fourlane provides the in-depth QuickBooks customer support that Intuit does not.

Fourlane Case Study with Alpha Forest

Alpha Forest International (AFI) is a forest product specialist company that came to Fourlane for assistance with its financial workflow challenges during rapid growth. 

AFI relied heavily on Excel spreadsheets for landed costs and taxes, which consumed too much time and resulted in numerous errors.

Fourlane collaborated with the talented AFI team to help train them and integrate QuickBooks, providing a systematic chart of account development, streamlining their purchase order creation, FIFO inventory tracking, and landed cost accounting. 

The collaboration involved a step-by-step process, addressing weak spots in inventory processes and leading to a comprehensive financial system overhaul. 

The successful partnership with Fourlane allowed AFI to scale its growth and improve business processes, working at their maximum efficiency with financial management.

“AFI has very specific inventory needs for their industry, which we solved with a combination of QuickBooks Enterprise capability and custom programming. Our inventory specialists worked with the AFI team to implement enhanced receiving, first in first out, and landed cost inventory to create an accurate costing environment. Creating more confidence in the team and the numbers allowed for a better decision-making process for AFI.”

-Cynthia Hemingway, Fourlane

Tips for Efficiently Utilizing QuickBooks Support

To ensure you get the most from a support call or live online chat for QuickBooks Online or Enterprise, we’ve provided a few pointers.

Prepare for Your Support Call or Chat

Maybe you’ve run into a program error, need clarification for a feature, or have numerous questions about changing plans. Ensure you’re ready to discuss whatever assistance you need with a support agent. 

You might want to take notes so you don’t forget specifics and think through what you want to ask to ensure the agent has enough information to provide a clear answer.

Provide Clear Details

Once you’ve connected with support, you’ll want to share any error message you received. If you had an issue with a feature or the software wasn’t working correctly, be prepared to describe what steps led to the situation. The more accurate details you provide, the more likely the agent can give a precise answer and solution.

Take Advantage of the Knowledge Base and Documentation

Whether you’re trying to learn a new feature or have run into an unexpected problem, there’s a good chance someone else has come across the same thing and already found a solution. Take advantage of the available online materials, and feel free to reach out to other users.

Partner with Fourlane and Grow Your QuickBooks Knowledge

At Fourlane, our QuickBooks experts love helping our clients grow in their knowledge and gain the most from their QuickBooks edition. Empowering QuickBooks users with valuable resources, training, insight, and support gives us a sense of fulfillment.

No matter where you are in the QuickBooks journey, we’re here to partner with you and ensure we meet your financial management needs and answer your questions.

Explore Fourlane’s support and training services for QuickBooks Online and Enterprise editions, and let us know how we can assist.

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