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What Causes QuickBooks Data Corruption?

Nobody likes to see an error message appear—especially if it involves something as important as financial management software. 

We rely so heavily on computers, but every software program has the potential for data problems somewhere down the road.

That’s why it’s best to have some basic knowledge about what causes QuickBooks data corruption and how to approach a problem when it occurs.

Our QuickBooks experts at Fourlane have helped clients with every imaginable situation, from tricky migrations and integrations to helping companies make their QuickBooks run smoother. But we’ve also helped numerous clients successfully recover from data corruption issues.

We’ve created this guide so you can understand what causes QuickBooks data corruption and the best course of action to take if it happens.

Is File Corruption Inevitable?

QuickBooks file corruption isn’t inevitable, but due to the nature of any software application and computers in general, chances are good you’ll run into the occasional error, and the potential for data corruption is a reality even for those who regularly follow best practices. 

The good news is that it’s often a minor issue. Yet even in more severe cases, there are usually recovery options.

What Causes QuickBooks Data Corruption? [External and Internal Factors]

QuickBooks data corruption can occur based on external and internal factors. You may experience a QuickBooks unrecoverable error when opening the company file or a number of other errors. The following are some of the primary reasons these errors occur.

External Factors

External factors that can cause data corruption in your QuickBooks are problems that develop outside the application. External factors involve hardware issues or software issues.

Hardware Conflicts and Failures

Your computer comprises numerous components designed to work in concert with perfect compatibility. Usually, things run smoothly, but when hardware errors occur, they can impact the way your software runs.

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Hardware issues can involve an error with your computer’s RAM, your hard drive where data is stored, or even connected devices like printers or USB drives. Hardware issues can also include your network connection. Hardware can also cause data corruption if your computer is improperly shut down.

Hardware conflicts could mean a device requires an update to its software driver. Or, there could be a failure on the hard drive where your QuickBooks company file is stored or on any piece of hardware, resulting in an interruption of data related to your QuickBooks software.

Software Conflicts

External software conflicts involve software other than QuickBooks that resides on your computer. 


A malware attack can infect files on your computer and render them unreadable.

Synced or Integrated Programs

External programs linked to or integrated with your QuickBooks can cause errors when sending data. That could result in a corrupt file.

Operating System Updates

Your operating system (OS) undergoes regular updates, sometimes leading to conflicts within existing programs. 

Anti-Virus Conflicts

Anti-virus software is a must-have to protect your computer while it’s connected to the internet and your network. But sometimes anti-virus software will flag data files that aren’t a threat, leading to missing files that cause program errors. 

Internal Factors

Internal factors involve data file corruption that happens inside QuickBooks. All of the QuickBooks data associated with a single account is located in that profile’s company file. This data file grows as you add more to it. Over time, the file size can become bogged down with so much data that it impacts your computer’s resources and leads to errors.

There are four main types of internal file damage.

List Damage

List damage affects lists, including items, customers, suppliers, employees, and the Chart of Accounts.

Transaction Damage

Data in the company file can become corrupt, impacting transaction data.

Link Damage

Data corruption can cause an error to develop in the links between transactions.

Structural Damage

Structural damage involves errors in the company file that affect its actual structure.

Preventing QuickBooks File Corruption

Because your data is vital to your daily operations, it’s beneficial to protect your QuickBooks company file and prevent potential corruption before it happens.

Taking Proactive Measures

The following are proactive measures you can take to prevent data loss.

Be Aware of Your Company File Size

The QuickBooks company file can grow so large that it starts to impact your system’s performance. If you notice QuickBooks starting to lag the more you use it, you should seek professional assistance to shrink your corrupt QuickBooks file or begin with a new file.

Make Regular Backups and Maintain Safe Storage

Regularly back up your QuickBooks files and also your computer’s other files so that if you run into an issue, you can restore settings and recover.

Store your backup files in a safe place.

Keep Your OS and QuickBooks Up-To-Date

Regularly update your OS and QuickBooks to the latest versions so any patches, error fixes, or new features are in use.

Engage in Training and Education

QuickBooks is such an extensive platform that there’s always something new users can discover. There are significant benefits to using the mindset of a lifelong learner, engaging in training, studying tutorials, and reaching out to other users to learn features you can incorporate into your processes.

Business woman and business man explaining processes on the computer.

Follow Data Entry Guidelines

File corruption can occur as a result of data that has been entered incorrectly, causing anomalies in how that data impacts other related fields. Following strict guidelines about entering, storing, and saving data can help prevent incorrect fields and corrupt records.

Align with Experts Who Can Reorganize Large Datasets Using Advanced Techniques

Your QuickBooks company file stores all your data in one place. As years go by, that file continues to grow. Eventually, the size can start to bog your system down. But there are techniques to break the company file into smaller files, optimizing your records and preventing a slowdown in your workflow. Talk to an expert to help you organize your large datasets into manageable chunks for the best productivity.

The Role of a QuickBooks Services Firm in Prevention/Repair

Most issues with file corruption in QuickBooks can be completely fixed and the data recovered. But, if left undiagnosed for an extended time, small issues can lead to greater issues that eventually cannot be remedied.

Seeking professional assistance at the first sign of an issue is much better than risking future data loss

Case Studies

The following are three situations where Fourlane was able to help our clients fix errors in their company file and get the most out of their QuickBooks platform.

Contemporary Research

When Contemporary Research came to Fourlane with their 20-year-old QuickBooks file, their software was bogged down with inaccurate financials, daily crashes, and incorrect inventory numbers. 

Fourlane started a new company file for the client, activated Advanced and Enhanced Inventory, simplified their naming scheme, revised their system, and helped train their team.

“Fourlane really became our partner. They helped us discover what was achievable with QuickBooks Enterprise.”

-Christy Ricketts, Contemporary Research

Agri-Turf Distributing LLC

Agri-Turf needed assistance with their QuickBooks Enterprise company file to remedy errors and help their team better utilize the platform. After months of working alongside their team, Fourlane was able to restore their data file and dramatically improve their system performance and data accuracy.

“We appreciate the working relationship that we have with Fourlane. We do not know how we would have navigated through our issues without them. We are confident that should any issue arise in the future, they are only a phone call away. We can rely on them to help us troubleshoot any issues with the least amount of disruption to our business. We would not have been able to resolve these issues on our own.”

-Andrea Vogt, Agri-Turf Distributing

Daniel Smart Manufacturing

Daniel Smart’s team experienced such a significant performance drop in their QuickBooks application that they feared it would cease altogether. Fourlane was able to step in with our 65-point file review process, reduce their company file, and return efficiency to their bookkeeping process.

“Fourlane knows the game,” said Tariq. “They discovered the issue very quickly and helped get right to the point without wasting time. Fourlane is highly recommended.”

Protect and Optimize Your QuickBooks with Fourlane

QuickBooks is one of the most trusted, reliable, and widely used applications for financial management. With that said, your financial data is central to your operations. One of the best preventative measures to avoid losing time or data is to partner with Fourlane for all your QuickBooks needs.

Optimize your system, reduce bloated files, and prevent future headaches by getting in touch with one of our experts today!

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