When a manufacturer’s QuickBooks file began mysteriously misbehaving, the Fourlane team made it right


As a company that’s been manufacturing and distributing products for decades, it’s not unusual to end up with an oversized QuickBooks file.

That’s exactly what happened to Daniel Smart Manufacturing. “We worried it would stop working at any time,” said Hassan Tariq, founder and director.

Concerned—and not sure what to do next, Tariq reached out to the team at Fourlane to see if they could help.


Fourlane assessed the QuickBooks file, using its detailed, 65-point QuickBooks file review process, and found the root of the issue: a bloated file size and improper maintenance.

Fourlane put together a plan to repair the slow-running QuickBooks Enterprise file.


Tariq said it’s been a smooth ride since Fourlane fixed the motorcycle accessory manufacturer’s QuickBooks file. “I’m spending more time managing and growing the business, rather than on day-to-day QuickBooks issues,” he said.

Expertise and efficiency got Daniel Smart Manufacturing back on the road to success without losing time.

“Fourlane knows the game,” said Tariq. “They discovered the issue very quickly and helped get right to the point without wasting time. Fourlane is highly recommended.”

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