Measuring the Benefits

Core values are going to make a difference for Fourlane’s clients and employees. I know that, but I need to be able to measure it. Measuring the value we provide clients, as I mentioned in my earlier blog post, will be done by customer surveys and interviews.

We will use technology and results to measure the core values tied to employees.

If you recall, these core values are:

To measure these results, our employees get a daily survey asking the follow questions:

  • Was my day worth it?
  • Did I feel excited and empowered today?
  • Were the directions I received today consistent?

We’ll use these results to determine the impact of our core values on our employees. We’ll also measure:

  • Turnover. Empowered and excited employees should want to stick around at Fourlane.
  • Repeat business. A trustworthy organization that provides value to every company we work with gets repeat business.
  • Referrals. Word of mouth is the best way to grow our business. When a customer likes us enough to refer us, we know we are on the right track.

Spending time on core values did take time from our day-to-day business, but I have confidence the benefits will be worth the effort.

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